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George's aunt, Archie Crowley Bird, was instrumental in awakening our interest in tracing the Crowley family history. We have been given encouragement and guidance from many friends and family members. We would particularly like to thank Jack C. Grantham, Jr. for the large volume of information he has shared with us. Jack introduced us to Alexander M. Troup, who has added another dimension to our knowledge base.

We are indebted to the many librarians and other experts who have assisted us in our research. J. Paul Davidson, Tarrant County Junior College Northeast, was extremely helpful when we first began our search into the history of George's ancestors. Before her retirement, Carol Williams, Education Coordinator of the Cattleman's Museum in Fort Worth, guided my research in the museum libary. She deserves credit for the discovery of H. E. Crowley's essay. Lionel Chambers, Director, Publication Services of The Cattleman, granted permission to quote passages from this work.

Naomi Harmon, Barrett Border, Dr. Alan Lefever, and Dr. Robert Phillips of the A. Webb Roberts Library at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary were extremely helpful to us. We appreciate their assistance in obtaining copies of the microfilmed minutes of Bear Creek Missionary Baptist Church. Also, we are indebted to Tom and Diana Williams for the generous gift of a microfilm reader.


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