Deed from E. M Daggett to Hiram Crowley, August 31, 1857

State of Texas

County of Tarrant

Know all men by these presence that I, E. M. Daggett, of the County & State afforedsaid [sic] am held and firmly bound with Hiram Croly [sic] of the same County & state afforesaid [sic] in the final sum of six hundred dollars to me in hand paid the full receipt thereof is a acknowledged in full have this day sold unto said Croly [sic] one hundred & sixty acres of land out of the headwrite of J. R. Weston & as deeded to me by John Davis the heir of Joseph Davis and the Father of Josepth Davis and I by these presence bind myself - my heirs and adminstrators to make a good and sufficient title to H. Croly [sic] his legal representatives warranting and defending all the rites and titles in & to said lands - nothing claimed in case of any old hidden Spanish claim - Given under my hand and scroll for seal.

August 31, 1857

[signed] E. M. Daggett [hand-scrolled seal]


[signed] John McMillen & Wm. C. Stowe

[Written on other side of document]

The trade & payments of the within

1 Bay horse
2 notes on R. Collins
Cash paid down
Amt. paid M. Sanderson


To be paid in flour delivered
Croleys [sic] note to Daggett and interest/12mo







which is the amount for the land three hundred dollars

Source: Original deed in the Mary Daggett collection at Fort Worth Public Library.

Transcribed by Pat Crowley

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