INVENTORY AND APPRAISEMENT of the community property of Selete C. McMurry deceased by surviving John B. McMurry husband of said deceased:


Itemsone hundred & forty head cattleValue $1120
 about - 40 head horsesvalue 400
 2 Mules 200
 1 Jack 75
 1 Wagon 25
 ___ head hogs 16
 1 note J. M. Ross 30
 1 note Tom May 30
 Household Kitchen furniture 100
Total Value Total$1996


Before me, the undersigned authority, this day personally came John B. McMurry surviving husband of Selete C. McMurry deceased. Also at the same time came J. M. Popplewell & A. F. Crowley, appraisers of the community property of said deceased, who make oath that the foregoing is a true and correct inventory and appraisement of all the said community property that has come to their knowledge.

[signed]J. B. McMurry
J. M. Popplewell
A. F. Crowley

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this, the 27 day of May 1879.

[signed]C. C. Cummings
[written]Co. Judge


Transcribed by Pat Crowley


Dr. John B. McMurry was Selete's second husband. J. M. Popplewell was married to one of her younger sisters, Texana Bell.

A. F. "Frank" Crowley, Selete's eldest son, was sixteen years old when his mother died. In 1879, Judge C. C. Cummings signed a document which removed the disabilities of a minor from Frank and his younger brother, Ed Crowley. They began a cattle operation in Palo Pinto County which local people referred to as "The Orphan Brothers' Ranch."

Judge C. C. Cummings, a Civil War veteran, was a prominent Tarrant County citizen and historian. In 1898, he became a charter member of the Bohemian Club, a literary society in Fort Worth. He was editor of their publication, The Bohemian.

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