On July 12, 1986, I was visiting Mom's sister, Aunt Pearl, in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. We were sitting on the porch in back of her lovely cottage in the pines. Flanked by a beautiful lake, we were surrounded by twittering birds and playful squirrels. I'll never forget it.

Aunt Pearl was crocheting and I was watching her hair with the afternoon sunlight playing on it. I wrote this poem for her.


Pearl Ezell

by Jennie Lou Brooks

I held between my fingers a single silver hair
From long and silky tresses it came gently through the air
I caught it on a sunbeam, a golden spear of light
I'll keep it but a moment
Then send it on its flight
I looked across the porch and sure enough she's there
Working on some little thing
As if no one were near
The silver thread came from her head
All done it pretty curls
And yes, you're right if you have guessed
The silver comes from a Pearl.


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Jennie Lou's mother, Katie Ezell King, was the youngest child in the Ezell family.

Poem ©1992 by Jennie Lou Brooks

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