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Introduction to Scrappy's Nest

Autumn at the Triple C Ranch

The Crowley Cats' Section of the Triple C Ranch Domain

Scrappy's Nest is the virtual home of The Crowley Cats. Their web site pays tribute to Scrappy and features a variety of their "pet projects."

The Entrance to Scrappy's Nest provides quick access to new and updated pages.

Sandra Fratt's Ode to Scrappy was the inspiration for our poetry and prose pages, Devoted to Cats, which showcase the talents of poetic cat lovers.

Devoted to Cats

The Crowley Cats' pet projects also include:

A Candle In Memory - A memorial to Scrappy and his friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Holiday Index - Links to The Crowley Cats' holiday & party pages.

Hyper-CAT-Links - A continuation of Scrappy's favorite cat-related web sites is updated frequently.

Scrappy's Awards & Prizes - A display of awards that have been presented to Scrappy's Nest, with links to some of the most creative felines on the Internet!

Scrappy's Photo Album & Scrap Book - A collection of photos & stories dedicated to Scrappy and all the cats who have lived on the Triple C Ranch.

Shibui's World - Links to memorials for Shibui, her CLAW pages, Sanctuary, Victorian Retreat and Wedwink.

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