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The Crowley Cats' Awards

When Scrappy agreed to host the forum Roaming with Scrappy, he thought it would be fun to chat with other cats and provide a place for them to tell their stories. After he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Scrappy's friends encouraged our family to continue participating in the forum and to add new material to Scrappy's Nest. We feel that every award we receive is a tribute to Scrappy and his friends. When you visit the kitties who presented them, you'll meet some of the most outstanding cats on the WWW! Links are provided, if their web sites are still availble.

We keep most of our personal awards and prizes on our individual pages. For the time being, Frenchie is sharing his Trophy Room with Clancy. Room III is currently under construction, but our latest awards on are view in Room IV. We hope you'll enjoy exploring these rooms!

Many of Shibui's valuable treasures and collectibles are stored in her Inner Sanctum.. While you're there, see if you can find the hidden key to her treasure chest. You'll find a prize waiting for you, if you do!

The Crowley Cats

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