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Clancy is a furry athletic kitty. He has a delightful purrsonality and a keen sense of humor. He is also furry mischievous. This is Meowmie's version of how Clancy became a memfur of our family:

Clancy became a Crowley Cat in the fall of 2001. The first time I saw him, he was in our orchard. During the next few days, my husband and I observed him frequently roaming in the area that surrounds our house, but never venturing into the yard. We realized he was sleeping in an old barn which is about 100 yards north of our garden. At first, it was a mystery as to how he entered the building, because the barn door is securely fastened and we were unaware of any other openings. Apparently, he found a hole under the eave of the roof. He was able to enter the hole by climbing up the side of the barn. He made his exit by leaping from the hole into a grassy area on the east side of the barn. This was quite a site to see!

Although I was not prepared to adopt another cat, I wanted to help this one find a good home before the first blue norther arrived. I began by putting food and water in the garden each evening, after The Crowley Cats came inside for the night. At first, Clancy was reluctant to eat until I left the area. Gradually, he began to accept my presence and eventually began to follow me as I went back toward the house. He would run behind me and swat the leg of my jeans in a playful manner. After he began sleeping in a cat carrier I left in the garden, I began putting his food and water dishes in it. One morning, I managed to shut the door and capture him.

Clancy in WindowThere is a small storage building in our back yard. My plan was to make him stay in it, until I could take him to our vet's clinic. Clancy had other ideas. The minute I put the carrier in the building and released him, he went beserk. He ran around the room, howling and jumping on the walls and window sills. Fearing he might hurt himself, I opened the door so he could escape. He didn't hesitate for a minute!

I didn't expect to see him again, but he came back the very next day. My husband, banking on the curious nature of cats, propped one of the storage building windows open and attached a shelf to the window sill. Clancy couldn't resist checking it out. Now that he could enter and leave the building on his own terms, he was perfectly content to sleep there. Eventually, I was able to have him tested, vaccinated and neutered. By then, he had endeared himself to me and my husband; it took him longer to make friends with the rest of the family.


Mew may click here, if mew want to read Shibui's version of this story.

Even though Clancy is an adult cat now, he still chases his tail like a kitten. He says he does it to amews our meowmie.

Sometimes, he sings this song when he doesn't know we're listening:

If mew're happy and mew know it, twitch your tail.
If mew're happy and mew know it, twitch your tail.
If mew're happy and mew know it,
Then mewr tail will surely show it.
If mew're happy and mew know it, twitch your tail.

Clancy also enjoys attending events on the WWW with his family and furriends.
He especially looks furward to purrticipating in Halloween activities.

The Cat's in the Bag!
Mew found me!

Clancy's Purrticipation Award
Clancy repurrsented our family in the
2009 BFCC/Petsburgh Halloween Costume Contest

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