How Clancy Became a Crowley Cat [Shibui's Version]

On 11/9/2001 in the Texas Felix group, Bogey posted this message which included an exerpt from one of Shibui's private emails:

Three weeks ago, Shibui wrote this message to Tucker B. Smith:

I have something to tell you, before the news breaks in Felix's forum. It looks as though another cat is about to join our family. My siblings are giving me a hard time, as they hold me responsible. This is what happened: One evening, I saw an orange tabby cat in the field behind our orchard. In the dim light, I mistook him for Jason. Naturally, I ran to greet him, thinking you were with him. Imagine my surprise when the kitty turned out to be a red-headed stranger!

Nevertheless, when he told me how hungry he was, I asked Meowmie to feed him. At first, he was reluctant to eat until she was at least 20' away from him. Now, he's practically eating out of her hand. She says he is really starved for affection. The tabby is a young cat and he is very clean and well-mannered. Meowmie plans to capture him and take him to TED ASAP. She keeps saying she is going to find a good home for him, but then she *always* says that. *mewgrins*

As mew can imagine, Shibui was not pleased when she found out about it. This is the confursation that took place:

Shibui: Bogey! How dare you post my private correspondence!!!

Bogey: Don't worry, Shibui ... I censored all the mushy stuff.

Shibui: Oh, never mind. The cat's out of the bag now.

Bogey: If it were up to me, I'd put him back in it!!!

Shibui: Silly girl ... that's just a figure of speech. Well, are you going to introduce our new family member or not?

Bogey: I'll leave that up to mew. I have better things to do. [Bogey stalks out of room]

Shibui picks up her pen and begins to write a message she posted later that day:

We now have a new family member, a young orange tabby cat named "Captain Clancy." When Meowmie first began feeding him, she put his food and water in the garden. He was very cautious, but every day he came a little closer to her. Finally, he began rubbing against her legs and purring. The poor kitty acted like he was starved for affection. Meowmie cleaned out our back yard storage building for him. She intended to have him tested, vaccinated, and neutered as soon as she could capture him. Then, so she said, she would find a good home for him. I knew all the time that it would be ours. *mewgrins*

At first, Clancy would follow her into the building, but run out the door whenever she tried to close it. Then Dad fixed a window so Clancy could go in an out when the door was shut. He liked that, especially when Dad added a ledge to the windowsill. Meowmie began putting Clancy's food in a carrier and he gradually got used to going into it and eating. Yesterday morning, she quickly shut the carrier door behind him and carried out her plan. Clancy's tests were negative, so our v*t gave him his shots and performed the necessary surgery. He spent the day resting and we expect him to have a rapid recovery.

Note: Shibui was furry fond of Clancy and he adored her. He was heartbroken when she went to Rainbow Bridge.

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