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Club Memberships

There are many activities and clubs for cats on the Internet. Most of them are free and open to all. When you join an organization, you'll have the opportunity to meet more friends who share your interests. Although some of the clubs we joined are now closed, we have included some of our fond memories of them on this page. Links have been removed, if web sites no longer exist.

Back Fence Cat ClubclearWe're all members of the Back Fence Cat Club. It would be impossible to describe how much fun we have at the BFCC! We joined the club several years before Grand Master Henry Von Tudor went to the Rainbow Bridge. He and his little sister, Freya, put on many special events, like the annual BFCC Halloween Party. (Of course they couldn't have done it without their extraordinary Meowmie, Lois Lebert, as BFCC Secretary.) Freya, with the help of her friend Chuck, continued the BFCC traditions in Henry's memory.

At the beginning of this century, we participated in the BFCC Millennium Watch! It was co-sponsored by our friends in New Zealand, Dusty and Abby. Kitties around the world submitted reports on preparations for Y2K and described the celebrations in their local areas. This was an event to remember!!!

Monthly features at the BFCC included featured home pages and an award-winning mewsletter with interviews by Freya. In June, 1999, Freya conducted an interview with us at the Triple C Ranch. Click here to read all about it. We were honored that Tessie and Murphy Cat selected Scrappy's Nest to be the first BFCC featured home page in 2003.

Freya joined Henry at Rainbow Bridge on August 9, 2009. Lois bravely kept the BFCC online, assisted by two adopted kitties, Smokey and Chrissy, and Chuck. On October 15, 2010, Lois joined her beloved companions at Rainbow Bridge. One of her dear friends adopted Smokey and Chrissy, after Lois made her final journey.

The BFCC is now open under new management. Click here to meet Jessie and her assistants ... including the Gopher, Chuck.

CAD was a branch of the BFCC:

Tiny & Puffy's CAD ad    Freya's CAD ad

Bogey, Dobbin, Frenchie and Shibui participated in different divisions of CAD:

  • Bogey and her friend Mull were co-captains in the Aerial Division.
  • Dobbin was in Freya's Furce
  • Frenchie & Shibui helped conduct Covert Operations
  • Midnight rode with the Cycle Cats

    We were also charter members of Catuary, a Sanctuary for cats on the 'Net. This club was the vision of Princess Noelani Misty "BabyCat" Milliken who is now at Rainbow Bridge. Golden Misty Lake is a popular place to picnic, especially on Labor Day weekend. Shibui and her wedwink, Tucker, spent many happy hours at their retreat in the Senior Catizens Center.

  • Catuary

    Shibui joined CLAW, an exclusive club for cats in May 1998. She was an active member until she went to Rainbow Bridge in October 2003.  Please visit Shibui's CLAW Page, to learn about her experiences in this organization.


    In November 2003, Bogey joined CLAW in hopes of becoming an honorable kitty like Shibui was. Unfortunately, CLAW closed before she achieved her goal. You may read about her experiences in CLAW by clicking here.

    Events in CLAW Theater are open to the public. We enjoy attending them and we are proud to be Friends of CLAW Theater!

    Friends of the CLAW Theater

    Shibui and her wedwink, Tucker B. Smith, both had roles in the CLAW Thespians' production of Cinderella, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan. Shibui's most challenging role was playing the part of a male peacock in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. She played a lady-in-waiting in Robin Hood and she was a handmaiden of the Princess in Aladdin & the Magic Lamp. She, along with other Thespians at Rainbow Bridge, made a special appearance in Sleeping Beauty, Claw Theater's final production. Please visit our CLAW Theater Page for more information.

    We're Ferocious Fe-Lions, too! This club was founded by Kitten K. Boodles of The Lioness' Den.

    Ferocious Fe-Lions

    clearThe Katnip ClubOne of our favorite places to relax and unwind after a busy day was Sir Triffan's Katnip Hut. When Sir Triffan decorated the Katnip Hut for Christmas, it looked like a winter wonderland! Activities at the "Big Christmas Bash" included snowman making, sleigh rides, letters to Santa Claws, and refreshments. As soon as the Christmas decorations came down, Triffan began decorating the Katnip Hut for his romantic Valentine's Day Party. On August 8th, 1999, the wedwinking of Sir Triffan and Crown Princess Squeaky of the Kitty Tribe took place. This was one of the most beautiful ceremonies we ever attended.

    In 1999, Triffan's Katnip Hut competed in the Site Fights. We adopted a Spirit Cat to show our support. Knippy reminded us to vote every day! Triffan won many of the weekly events, but he decided to leave the competition until his human completes her school year. We think Triffan is a great sport and that he has his priorities in the right place!

    Knippy's Adoption Certificate

    Gift from Triffan!

    clearKitty Cat ClubMidnight joined the Kitty Cat Club in September, 1997. Soon afterwards, we all became members of the KCC!

    The KCC Halloween and Christmas were really great. They had a Valentine Swap in 1999. This was a romantic idea and the members made some very pretty cards! We participated in the KCC Easter Egg Hunt, which was a great way to meet some of our fellow club members! Believe it or not, we didn't find all the eggs.

    The highlight of the KCC year was the annual Catnip Festival. We always looked forward to the food, music, booths and Catnip Cook-off at this event. Unfortunately, the last festival ended on a sorrowful note when Oliver disappeared. The sadness was compounded when his brother Murphy joined him at the Rainbow Bridge. Their brothers, Dickens and Sandy, and their human, Laura, created a beautiful memorial for them. For many years, past events were preserved in the KCC archives. Sadly, they are no longer available.

    We're all native Texans and proud to be Lone Star Felines!

    Lone Star Felines
    founded by Spyder and MGD

    We are all members of The Society of Meditative Cats, an organization based on the principle that cats are born meditators.

    Society of Meditative Cats

    We were charter members of The Cats Meow Club, which opened September 1, 2000 and closed in January 2003. TCMC offered many educational and recreational activities for kitties who just wanted to have fun.


    Renaissance Fair Prize   Frenchie's Certificate

    Frenchie was proud to be a member of Tomzrule! He enjoyed participating in Tomzrule activities, especially the hunts. Click here to see the awards he won.

    Tomzrule Card  1st Anniversary

    Circle of Charms

    The girls in our family were members of Circle of Charms, a club sponsored by Queen Bitsy. They enjoyed attending events at the club and socializing with their friends. After Queen Bitsy went to Rainbow Bridge, a new club was formed in her honor. Bogey and Brindle are both charter members of Bitsy's Belles.

    bbcmboge  bbcmbrin

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