Ditcher's Tale
A fictional account
by Mindy Thompson
written when she was 10 years old

animated kitty

I was a cat brought up in the Thompson's family. Mindy was highly allergic to me so I got sent off to Mindy's grandpa and grandma's house. Mindy through a fit, she wanted to name me before I went to her grandpa and grandma's house. Mindy's dad worked at Thompson Ditching so she named me Ditcher.

We had almost a four and a half hour drive ahead of us. Mindy's grandma got a cage out. It was so little I think it was for Mindy's pet bug, Charlie. When she started cramming me in there I was mad but she finally got me in the cage. It was a long drive but when you're sleeping the time flies.

I was a city cat. When we got there in the country all they had was GRASS. I mean it was everywhere . There was maybe ten trees in the whole yard. I guess this would have to do. After we got in the yard, she let me out of the cage. I started to explore the yard. The trees looked pretty good to me but I would have to climb them first.

I walked up to the tree and grasped my claws into the thick bark of the huge tree. I made it to the first limb. I was up (not that I hadn't done it before). I was about two inches from the second limb. I grasped with my left front claw. I made it! One more limb. This one was a long stretch, probably about five inches.

I leaped. I missed. Just when I was about to fall, Granny Pat called, "SUPPER TIME." I was in reach of the next branch, but supper rang in my head. I fell right smack onto the hard, unwatered, stickery ground. I felt humilated, like a dog chasing after a firetruck.

Limping to the screen door I thought about supper, that healed my leg up in a flash. The fresh smell of tuna and sardines filled the air. Finally I got to my bowl, I completely ate all of the food in my bowl including an ant. "Time for bed, " Granny Pat said. She led me to a basket overflowing with pillows under the stairs of her laundry room. I was pretty curious so I took a look. It didn't take me long to fall asleep.

The next day I woke up in a warm comphy bed. I heard Granny Pat talking to Paw Paw George so I went over to see what they were talking about. Granny Pat said, "We need to go to the vet so we can get Ditcher's shots." "Okay. I'll go with you," said Paw Paw George.

They scheduled an appointment for two o'clock that day. They lived by Boonsville, Texas about a two hour drive to the vet in Fort Worth. They left at eleven so they could get some shopping done. They were ready to leave when Granny Pat thought she had forgotten somthing, it was ME! Granny Pat stormed in the house, got my carrying cage, and put me in it. Soon, we were out the door.

It was sure uncomfortable in that cage. You couldn't even move a half an inch. Paw Paw George was driving the Jeep and Granny Pat was sitting with me. We went down the road to get on the highway and then I fell asleep. We finally got to the vet's office but you couldn't really say I was happy to be there.

~The End~

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