~A Tribute to Dobbin Crowley~

May 1, 1986 - June 4, 2005
Dobbin came into our lives when she was just a tiny kitten. She was a shy kitty, but always very affectionate with people she trusted. She was also very brave and she never complained about anything. Although she had no kittens of her own, she "mothered" and mentored Scrappy, Midnight, and Brindle. And she earned the respect of all the Crowley Cats who have lived on the Triple C Ranch. In her younger days she enjoyed climbing the tallest trees in our yard. As she grew older, she was content to watch the birds from the deck or the ground level.

Until she was about sixteen years old, Dobbin was in very good health. Her trips to the vet, outside of her annual exams, were few and far between. When she began losing weight for no apparent reason, a radiograph indicated that she only had one functioning kidney; later, she developed hyperthyroidism. After her nineteenth birthday, she gradually grew thinner and weaker. Even though her activities were limited, she continued to enjoy them. When she went outside with me Friday evening, she stayed in the garden for awhile; then, she walked around the house and waited for me to let her in the front door.

In Loving Memory of DobbinSaturday morning, she was very weak, but she wanted to go outside. I carried her outside and she rested under a shade tree while I filled the bird bath and feeders. We stayed outside awhile longer and she seemed to enjoy watching the Cardinals and listening to their songs. During her Saturday afternoon nap, Dobbin made a peaceful journey to Rainbow Bridge. We buried her in our garden next to her dear friend Ditcher. Dobbin will be greatly missed, but always remembered with fond affection. Our family appreciates all the prayers and purrs that have been sent on her behalf.

Pat Crowley
June 8, 2005

Spartacus made this lovely farewell gift for Dobbin:

Spartacus' farewell gift to Dobbin

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