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Springtime at the Triple C RanchWelcome to our entrance! We share our domain with our humans who use their section to mew about genealogy and Texas hisstory. We're interested in those subjects, too ... as long as they're related to cats!

Scrappy's Nest began as a tribute to the scrappiest cat who ever lived on the Triple C Ranch. We continue to honor Scrappy's memory and preserve his original pages. Scrappy's life is the inspurration for many of our pet projects and activities.

Below, you'll find graphic and text links that provide speedy navigation around our virtual home. Please pardon our dust, as we're in the midst of spring cleaning. After recovering from a major computer crash, we were eager to continue working on our candle pages and other pet projects. Unfortunately, we have been unable to do so, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Before you continue, please say a silent purr in remembrance of friends and family members at Rainbow Bridge. They will always be near and dear to us, living in our hearts forever.


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Winter Wonderland!


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