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~Our Souvenirs~

These are some souvenirs of memorable events, parties, and wedwinks we've attended. Links are provided to events that are still in progress. Please click on the graphics (or text links) to visit these talented kitties' events or their web sites. We're sure you will enjoy yourselves as much as we have ... even if you've been there before!

Happy Holiday Purrs,
The Crowley Cats

~Birthday Parties~

s 7th Birthday!



Spartacus celebrated his furry 1st Birthday Party!

Spartacus' 1st Birthday Party

We had fun at Rhett's 1st Birthday Party!

Rhett's 1st Birthday Party

A great time was had by all at Gimli's 1st Birthday Party!

Gimli's 1st Birthday Party

Ginger's birthday was delightful!


Phelicity's birthday was full of surprises!

Phelicity's Birthday Party

E.T. celebrated his Purrday exploring new Links!

E.T.'s Birthday Party

Mewsette's 19th birthday was filled with romance!

Mewsette's Birthday Party

Tiger Magnificat was flying high on his 14th Purrday!

Scrap's Birthday Parties are always special!
party hat
2004  2005

phelbday  Mewsette's Birthday

E.T.'s Birthday Party

Scully & Spud's Birfday Bash
Scully & Spud's Birfday Bash


~Fairs & Festivals


Mardi Gras 2004

Older Cats Society Flower Show
Older Cats Society Flower Show


The Wicked Twins Chinese New Year Festival

Mookruh Festival Invitation

FIF 4th of July Carnival


FIF Carnival Souvenir
Clancy's Carousel Souvenir


CLAW County Fair

~Parties & Special Events~

We partied all night at
Bitsy's Belle's 2006 New Year's Eve Ball

We could have danced all night in the Crystal Ballroom!

New Year's 2006 at Cat Mountain

We were in the grandstand at NASCAT 2005
drinking nipz and cheering fur our friends!


The Cat Mountain Kitties had an exciting time in Mexico!

Cat Mountain Kitties in Mexico!

Spartacus took Brindle on a romantic trip to Europe!

Postcards from Europe!

Dobbin, Bogey & Brindle took their sweethearts to the
Circle of Charms Sweetheart Dance
Frenchie & Clancy crashed the party, much to their embarrassment!

We attended the Grand Opening of the
Terrace Cafe

Prince Edward Island

Cookie's FunRaiser

Bitsy's Wine & Cheese Party
Bitsy's Wine & Cheese Party


Sara's Engagement Party


Dobbin & Sunny at Cat Mountain Lodge

Reader's Circle Meowmie's Pawtee

4th of July BBQ

Tomzrule 4th of July Picnic

We went to a party at Bitsy's Winter Lodge

~Plays & Performances~

Now playing in the Fur & Fang Community Playhouse:

Captain Fuzzy and the Amazing Flying Machine

You'll be enchanted by the CLAW Thespians' production of Sleeping Beauty!

Sleeping Beauty

Many talented kitties participated in the

Cat Mountain Dance Recital

We gave them ALL a standing ovation!


Girls' Wedwink Souvenir  Boys' Wedwink Souvenir
Souvenirs from Mewsette & E.T.'s romantic wedwink!


We took a sleigh ride to Bini & Murph's Wedwink!


Wedwinking of Buddha & Angel
The Wedwinking of Buddha & Angel


Wedwink Celebration of CK & Pal
Wedwink Celebration of Carolina Kitty & Palomino


Pinkie & Bandit's wedwink

Wedwink of Amber Smoke & Charlie Noel

~The Royal Wedwink~
Princess Keedie & King Nicolas Cage
Molly & Prince Tang
SissyG & Prince SnowPuff


Wedwinking of Cookie & Jesse and Hellion & Clyde

Wedwink of Sabrina & Jasper Jax
Sabrina & Jasper Jax's Wedwink


Wedwink of Sylvesta & Elvis

Wedwink of Tabitha & Servo

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