Scrappy hosted a StarText forum from September 1996-April 1997. After he went to Rainbow Bridge, his friends continued to go "Roaming with Scrappy" until the Star-Telegram discontinued the forums in February 2001. The original introductory page to Scrappy's forum has been slightly modified with updated links.

Scrappy - the Official Mascot of Brisbee

Roaming With Scrappy

Welcome to Roaming with Scrappy, where cat lovers are invited to share their favorite cat stories and cats are invited to chat with other cats in cyberspace.


This forum was founded by Scrappy, who had many adventures roaming the Triple C Ranch. Find out more about Scrappy and his adventures at the following links:

A Candle in Memory

Devoted to Cats:
Poetry & Prose of a Feline Nature


The Midi Adventures of
Scrappy and Baby Kitty

Scrappy's Adventures

Scrappy's Nest

Scrappy's Photo Album

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