Frenchie's Trophy Room

Frenchie's Trophy Room

Portrait of Frenchie

After I came to live at the Triple C Ranch, mon siblings introduced me to their amis on the Internet. They were already memfurs of several clubs and they invited me to join them. I am also a proud memfur of Tomzrule, a club where no femmes are allowed. I enjoy spending evenings with mes amis at Paddy's and mewing with them on our private bully board.

Tomzrule Card

It was mon honor to be interviewed by Nosey Parker fur the September 2003 edition of the Caterwaul Chronicle. Mew may read all about moi here! During the interview, I used a phrase that inspired The Wicked Twins' meowmie to create a special banner:

Meet me at Paddy's!

In January 2005, I was the proud recipient of Bentley Marlowe's Bad to the Bone Award! Thank mew furry much, Ben; I will try mon best to live up to moi repurrtation!

Bad to the Bone Award

Mon hunting awards are on display in this room. As mew can see, I am a hunter extradinaire!
  1st Hunt Certificate  Valentine Hunt Certificate

I was one of the hosts for the Tomzrule/On the Prowl Easter Hunt!
It was a tremendous challenge to find all 25 Huntees!

Easter Hunt Host    OTP/Tomzrule Easter Hunt Award

I had fun searching fur the Jack-O-Lanterns...and I found all of them, too!
So did my brofur, Clancy. But he couldn't have done it without my help!
I'll let him hang his awards here, until he has his own trophy room.

October Hunt Certificate   huntcc01

Since my brofur Clancy is Irish, I took him with me to look fur Shamrocks.

St. Paddy's Hunt Certificate   St. Paddy's Day Certificate

These hunts are dedicated in memory of Smokey Girl, former co-leader of On the Prowl.

I achieved Master Hunter status by purticipating in all the hunts and finding all the huntees hidden during the 2003-2004 hunting season! Concatulations to mon ami Biggie Fries and to the two gurlz, Cookie Fries and Leslie Ann, who also received this award.

Tomzrule Master Hunter Award

I took my sisfur Brindle hunting with moi
and she found all the Junebugs too!

Junebug Hunt Certificate

Ma famille and I worked as a team when we went on the Firefly Hunt.
We dedicate our award in memory of our sisfur Dobbin.

Firefly Hunt

Clancy and I went to Paddy's Pub, after we completed the Lazy Day Hunt. When we arrived, we learned that our good ami Tux had gone to Rainbow Bridge. As we drank a toast to him, we remembered all the good times and adventures he shared with us.

Lazy Day Hunt

This award is dedicated in memory of Tux.

Please follow moi to the next room and I will show mew mon souvenirs.

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Note: Frenchie went to Rainbow Bridge on December 22, 2008.
His web pages are maintained in remembrance of him

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