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Messages posted on Tomzrule message board (Brofur Club Meows) in response to following announcement by The Crowley Cats on December 29, 2008:

Frenchie: 1998-2008  On December 22nd, we bid a sad adieu to our brofur Frenchie. Before he left for Rainbow Bridge, he told us: "Please tell mes amis that I donut want them to grieve fur me. I left a bottle of vintage champagne under table #3 ... just suggest they drink a toast in remembrance of moi and our many amis at the Bridge." We did not want to let him go, but all our tears and purrs could not prevent his departure.

Posted by ET on December 29, 2008:  It is with deep sadness that I say farewell to my furriend Frenchie. He was lucky, like I was, to wander up to our forever homes. We've celebrated at parties throughout the years, and I knew I could count on him for any favor. It was just like him to leave us a bottle of his favorite champagne. Let us gather together an drink to our good furriend...until we meet again.

Soft purrs,

Posted by Captain Charlie and Ben on December 29, 2008:  We are furry sorry to hear this, we will put him on Bentley's RB page, we will miss him furry much.He was furry young.

Posted by Bentley on December 29, 2008:  For Frenchie on my RB page; see all mew buds at Paddy's.

Posted by Bootsy Tyke and Indy on December 29, 2008:  Frenchie wered a rill bud! We nefur furgets him. Fafurite catpagne! He a gud gize. Tee hee, himz funral sowns like a Vikin won wif selabratin and drinkin...ok, dey knots do catpagne.

R.I. P. brafe Frenchie

Posted by Royal and Speedy on December 30, 2008:  Weeze sow minnie sawries tew here dis sad mews. Heddin fur Paddy's now tew dwink a toast tew da memry ob ar gud furiend Frenchie.

Posted by Fernando on December 30, 2008:  We iz gonna miss our bud Frenchie a lot. It was always fun when he bisited da Ranch. He wuz one uf my heroes an I gonna make a rememberance fur him. Now I go to table 3 an toast a great furriend.


Posted by Jordan on January 1, 2009:  I beez so many sorriez to hear dat my furriend Frenchie goez offur to da Rainbow Bridge. En' fur him to fink ob us tomz ebben while he goez to leaf uz a special bottle of catpayne--well dat say it awl. Less toast one of our best budz ebber. I liff my paw, I will miss mew pal...

Sad purrs,

Posted by Ernie on January 2, 2009 at 1:59:00 from  I am soo sorry to hears dis sad mews about Frenchie. My heart felt purrs go out to da family. I beez getting ready to drink da toast right now.

Sad purrs,


Don't Worry, Auntie Pat:

Posted by Biggie from da RB on December 30, 2008:  I iz takin gud care of my bud Frenchie.

Posted by Davy Angel on January 3, 2009:  Dat's rite an I huked up witt Biggie, us two big black n white guys take gud care uf Frenchie n alla our buds who bee here.

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