~A Tribute to Frenchie~

Frenchie enjoying a walk in the East pasture
April 4, 1998 - December 22, 2008

This candle is lit in loving memory of Frenchie

A Candle in Memory

On a bleak winter morning, we bid a sad adieu to Frenchie. He had been a member of our family for almost ten years. Frenchie arrived at the Triple C Ranch on April 4, 1999. He was near the back yard when we first saw him that cloudy Easter Sunday morning. When it began sprinkling, he took cover under a storage building. Later that day, my husband lured him out with a bowl of dry cat food and brought him inside. Although Frenchie looked healthy, he was obviously hungry and searching for his forever home. We were uncertain of his age and background, but that didn't matter. He was a very friendly, handsome cat and we had room for one more. His distinctive markings...particularly his black "beret"...gave him the appearance of an artiste; hence his formal name: "Monsieur Franšais" or as we affectionately nicknamed him: "Frenchie." His eyes were a rare shade of tourmaline green and his white whiskers were extremely long. In his prime, his white fur was as thick as a rabbit's and it glistened in the sunlight.

We isolated Frenchie on the sun porch, until we could make an appointment to have him examined by our veterinarian. Bogey temporarily shared sleeping quarters with the other kitties who slept inside our enclosed back porch. After Frenchie was vaccinated and given a clean bill of health, arrangements were made to have him neutered. Prior to taking him to the clinic, we attempted to find out if anyone in our rural neighborhood was looking for a missing cat. Dr. G advised us that if someone claimed him later, they should thank us for taking care of him!

I would like to say that the other cats in our family welcomed him with open paws, but that would be stretching the truth. The resident Crowley Cats at that time were Bogey, Dobbin, Midnight, and Shibui. All but Shibui were reluctant to accept him initially. Surprisingly, she immediately responded to his charm; perhaps he really did acknowledge that she was of royal birth. At any rate, they eventually became the best of friends and it wasn't unusual for him to catch a lizard and deposit it at her feet.

After Dobbin and Midnight realized that Frenchie wasn't a threat, they befriended him too. Bogey initially resented Frenchie, but she eventually accepted the fact that he was going to be her "roommate" on the sun porch.

Frenchie was an expert hunter and enjoyed spending his days outside during good weather. He was a very affectionate cat and he never caused any trouble. Many changes took place during the years he was with us. Three of our kitties went to Rainbow Bridge and three more came to live with us. You can read about them by clicking here. Frenchie was always kind and considerate to newcomers even though he became the dominate male cat on the Triple C Ranch.

We all miss Frenchie so much and we will remember him always. We wish to express our appreciation for all the sympathetic emails, cards and phone calls we received from family and friends. Our Texas Felix friends and CLAW Furriends have been especially supportive; some of them had an opportunity to meet Frenchie on visits to the Triple C Ranch. In Spring 2005, Barb Pursley took this photo of Frenchie, as we were enjoying the view from the deck.

Frenchie on the Deck by Barb


~Tributes from Frenchie's Friends~

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Tribute to Frenchie created by Da Ebersocats

We will miss Frenchie, a fun loving unique kitty, who brightened up our days wif his comments. Until we meet again, Frenchie, mew are a cherished memory.

Bootsy and Playful and all da Ebersocats


Tribute to Frenchie created by Phelicity

I am so awful sad to hear dat we haf lost Frenchie, I am sitting here crying big tears an so is my mom. I luffed an admired Frenchie, he was so special, so gentlecatly an sweet an purrlite, an so fun to be wiff anywhere.

Thank mew fur sharing his last sweet complement wif me .. I doesn't think any boy was efur so complimentry an gallant to me. He was so dear. He will be furefur in my heart, oh my, I could nefur efur furget him.

I am so sorry mew kitties who luffed him an yer humans who did will be missing him so an hurting dat he is not here any more. It is furry hard, efen tho we know we will see him again at Rainbow Bridge. It doesn't help much at furst to know dat. I do know Shibui an Dobbin took Mewsette wif dem to welcome him dere, cuz he was special to her, too. I send mew all purrs an gentle liddle bumpies, an rememfur to listen in yer hearts fur his wings to flutter to mew in luff. I will feel his wings, too, cuz he was dear to me. I luffed being his "petit oiseau bleu" an I will rememfur it furefur, too. I will nefur be dat fur any offur kitty, only fur him.

Wif purries an tears an sweet memories,
Frenchie's Phelicity


Tribute to Frenchie created by Annie, Ernie & Cheryl

We are so sorry about the loss of Frenchie. We know how mewr heart must hurt, because ours did when we lost Alex and Ned. Our meomie, Ernie and I made a little somefing fur his page. Hope mew wikes it.

Sad purrs,
Annie, Ernie and Meowmie Cheryl


Tribute to Frenchie from his friends at Rescue Ranch created by their Meowmie, Nancy

Nancy wrote: "I made a little memorial for Frenchie from my boys. I am so sorry, you are in my prayers."


Tribute to Frenchie created by The Four Felines and their Meowmie, Nancy

We were so very saddened to hear that Frenchie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our brofur Jordan will especially miss Frenchie for being such a gud budz at the Tomzrule Klubb. Our hearts go out to the rest of the Crowley kitties and Meowmie Pat. May the love and special memories you shared overshadow the feeling of loss and pain in time. Frenchie will live on in the hearts of those who loved and knew him.

Farewell our furriend until we meet again,
Mew pal Jordan and my sisfurs Zena, Scraps and Neek

Please visit their web site: Nancy's Feline Four and the tribute to Nancy's precious Bo: Reflections Of Bo. Jordan and his family also shared this heart-warming poem with us:

They will not go quietly,
the cats who have shared our lives.

In subtle ways they let us know
their spirit still survives.

Old habits still make us think
we hear a meow at the door.

Or step back when we drop
a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place
the food dish used to be,

And, sometimes, coming home at night,
we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,

that one place in our hearts 
belongs to them...
and always will.

by Linda Barnes

Bentley Marlowe wrote: All your buds at Paddy's will miss you, you were a great friend; gone, but never forgotten.

Bentley and his family (Tiffany, Chrissy, Charlie, Meowmie Gwen & Maggie, the dog) also sent this poem for Frenchie's memorial:


As I got up this morning I felt a brush against my leg
Was that you?

I just felt a soft nudge against my hand
Was that you?

I felt a soft breath on my skin
Was that you?

The little ones were watching something
Was that you?

When I heard the wind whisper "I love you"
Was that you?

The blanket moved and no one was there
I know it was you...

When the wind chimes chimed with no breeze
I know it was you...

When there is a sudden breeze in the calm
I know it was you...

When I feel that special paw on my face
I know it was you...

When so many strange things happen
I know it was you...

Those strange little paw prints in the snow
I know it was you...

I wondered if it was you, but I knew it was and is you
Forever in my heart and every beat of it.

Author unknown

Please visit Bentley's Rainbow Page. a beautiful tribute to his friends and family members at the Bridge.

E. T. & his family comforted us with the following note:

We are furry sad to hear of Frenchie's passing to the Bridge. It breaks our hearts to lose such a dear and sweet furriend. We will miss him greatly. We send you our purrs an ask that you give your meowmie a kiss from all of us.

Soft purrs, E.T. & Ginger (and Barb)

Please visit their web site: Smokey's Web World

Ann & Malcolm Slatter sent this message from the UK:

Sorry to hear of Frenchie's journey over the Rainbow Bridge it is a very sad time when this happens but it has to happen on occasions. Love and Best Wishes to you.

The Slatter's beloved cat, Samuel, went to the Rainbow Bridge on November 3, 2008, at the age of seventeen. He was a small kitten when Ann and Malcolm rescued him and they raised him as their "only child." They are broken-hearted, to say the least. Sammy was an online friend of ours for over ten years and we shall miss his sweet mews and purrs. You may learn more about him by visiting Ann's web site: Music in My Heart (There are more photos on the second page: Ann & Samuel

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Pat Crowley

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