by Ann Dolin

She came into our family some eighteen years ago
She was kind of wild back then and never was she slow

On Gilbert Drive she was the queen
Some neighbors thought that she was mean

Her eyes were green her hair pitch black
This young girl she took no slack

She loved her family with all her heart
But she picked her favorite from the start

The two of them would run and play
They really had a special way

Those two girls had so much to share
Afriendship quite uncommonly rare

They both grew up, one moved away
But she'd come home and they would play

When one of them was feeling blue
The other knew just what to do

They never shared an angry word
I know that really sounds absurd

The green-eyed girl grew old one day
The time had come to go away

She chose a day in May to leave
The other girl could only grieve

She knew one day that it would end
But she couldn't bear to lose her friend

Together til the end she thought
And now she's feeling so distraught

We'll miss her each and every day
Especially on the fifth of May

Some might say she was just a cat
But we know she was more than that

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Magic ©2000 by Ann Dolin


Devoted to Cats ©1997 to present by
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