The Calling

by Izabel Sonia Ganz

In cages all around the room
they sat
   most of them quiet
      and scared
and lonely.

You made a noise
   like no other cat
      you paced your cage
I thought: "If only
   you fitted the order
      that I had in mind."

But you did not -
   not color, not gender
I did not come here to get
   you - yet your voice
although growing hoarse
   still constantly rose.

I lifted you up -
   your fur was so tender
      big amber eyes
   looked into my heart
      and now quiet tongue
   licked tip of my nose.

There was no choice
   (oh, cat, that was smart)
for then and there
   as I held you close
      a bond was sealed
that brought so much joy!

Thank you, my pet,
   for raising your voice
      to call for love -
thank you, my sweet boy!


When Izabel Sonia Ganz submitted The Calling, she explained, "I belong to a cat that chose me at the shelter ... as all cats, he is also a philosopher." Magick's Lament is an example of his poetic talent.

The poems of Izabel Sonia Ganz are widely published on and off the Internet, a longer bio, with links to poetry e-zines, as well as more cat (and other) poems can be enjoyed on her colorful, illustrated web site, The Crone's Poetry Pages.

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The Calling and photograph of Magick © 1999 by Izabel Sonia Ganz.

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