by James Sage

Today I went to a store
To see what I could see.
And what I saw was a kitty
Right in front of me.

She was laying on a counter
Taking her midday nap.
She looked so nice and gentle
Boy, was I a sap!

This kitty was pretty big
And far from being a kitten.
But you know how I am with cats
With almost any I am smitten.

"Hello kitty" is what I said
As I reached to stroke her.
And what I expected to hear
Was a friendly purr.

But with head back and ears up
She gave me an ugly glare.
I should have known at the time
For attention she did not care.

Perhaps it was because
I woke her from her nap
For almost immediately came
A rather nasty slap.

I backed off a bit I must admit
For I was not used to this.
And when I reached out again
It was to get a bare-toothed hiss.

Well, I left the store fairly soon
And counted my lucky stars.
I had spent no money in that place
Nor were there any scars.


Old Bear wrote, "My man sez that isn't a very gud
poum but maybe U will laff a little bit wen U reed it."

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