Sleepy Head by Hayley

elusive at times
invasive at others
not wanting to be bothered
except to further
their own agendas;
a place to sleep
occasional warmth
and attention.
Small furry people
they seem to be
in their selfishness
but smarter
nothing is expected
from them
but that they
are present.


Bess Kemp explained that this poem was written "about Oliver, my orange DSH companion of eight years, who was named for the literary Dickens character. And about Baby, a three year old half Siamese, who was deposited with me after surgery and never picked up (I am happy to say)."

The charming illustration of Oliver was drawn by Bess Kemp's daughter Hayley, age eleven. Bess says that the following poem "was written about Oliver, a very expressive cat if ever there was one."


Sleepy Head by Hayley


By Bess Kemp

my cat
stares at me
from his perch
speaking volumes
with that look.
He insists a slight
on my part
and will surely sit
with his back to me
well into the evening
a protest
with point well taken.


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