by James Sage

Men are supposed to be tough and strong
And never show their fears
Especially emotions they should not show
And break down in tears

Well, you saw me cry the other day
And become full of pity
Because of what I had done
To my little kitty

I had never cried like that before
Not even when those years ago
My family members passed away
And human death I came to know

We were not even very close, I guess
This little cat and I
Yet how hard it was for me to say
"Cat, you've got to die"

Perhaps this was the real reason
My tears were more than a few
For other deaths just happened
But this I chose to do

But I think this was just an excuse
To let the tears come out
For all the sadness of the past
That I had never cried about

For as a man, tough and strong
Who never showed his fears
It would not have been proper
To break down in tears

Well, I'm no longer tough and strong
This I will not deny
Amd I was not at all ashamed for you
To see me finally cry


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You Saw Me Cry © James Sage

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