Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

by D. Harrison

You talk to me as if I'm three,
Coo and pinch my cheeks.
I'm not three, I'm ten,
a WOMAN in kitty years!

Must you scream,"NO NO Kitty,"
as if I'm deaf?
I'm not deaf,
I have you on IGNORE!

You insist that I love tuna,
faithfully fill my dish.
I don't like tuna,
come on where's the BEEF?

Seems you buy the silliest toys,
mice, feathers and such.
Then wonder why I shred the couch,
did ya think I might be BORED!!!

Why do you squeal in that high pitched voice,
"Here kitty kitty kitty?"
I've never come before,
I'm NOT coming this time!


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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty! ©1998 by D. Harrison.

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