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The Two of Them
by Jeannine Desmarais


What is it about them
that tugs at my heartstrings,
fills me with a nameless yearning to be
more of what they are...
less of what I show the world I am?

Maybe it's soft supple sailing through the air
landing on their feet acts of grace or
eyes wide open taking in the world,
dozing at a moments notice, or
righteous teeth and claws unsheathed.

No apologies, no lying, no cheating
but...stealing? Oh yes, "You thieves!"
No shred of regret or shame,
inciting laughter, interrupting outrage,
accepting defeat or victory--
It's all the same to them

A delicate licking of this paw
or that flick of the tail,
haughty head held high,
they know their worth
even while flopping down
in a warm laundered heap
of enlightened self-interest

fully wanting what they need (a warm lap,
a tender touch--my fish filet--harrumph)
so simply giving me all I need
to know the "i" in me.

I am currently owned by two wonderful cats, Shade, a typical tempermental tortie whose knickname is Sour Pickles, and a tiny gray and white tabby female named Roxanne. Both of these creatures give me a great deal of joy--and occassional frustration. My cats help keep me grounded and sane and provide much needed connection in our too often frenetic world.

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