Book Ends

by Connie Davis

My two little companions
who have been with me for awhile
sweet affectionate and loving
whom I stare at and watch with a smile

They follow me throughout the apartment   
where ever I go
upstairs, downstairs
keeping up with my flow

Their only objective
is to spend time with me
always striving for my affection
wanting to get as close as they can be

Feline friends One is very quiet
skinny, sleek and tall
the other is a chunky one
who loves to tell it all

Casey and Jessie
my two feline friends
always by my side
my two little book ends


Although Connie has written many poems, this is the first one that she's written about her cats. She was working on another poem when her "two favorite little girls, Casey and Jessie" inspired her to write Book Ends.

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