by Sandra Fratt


OH GOD OF ALL CREATURES, a friend of mine is lost
and a part of my heart is lost with him.

GOD OF MERCY, shine Your light on those who are in pain
because of the absence of his companionship.

GOD OF THE SAILORS, who guided men through treacherous seas,
guide this lovely orange cat safely back to his home.
We know that all things are possible
through Your intervention.

GOD OF LOVE, protect him from harm
for he is a kind and gentle creature.
As Rascal extended his paw to Scrappy, extend Your hand to him
and reassure him that he need not be afraid.

OUR GOD, if he is not to return to us,
we beseech You, help us to have courage in our loss
and some measure of peace in our hearts
knowing he has returned to the splendor of his Creator.

make a cradle for him in Your loving arms.
Grant him butterflies to chase
and sunbeams to warm his coat.


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A Prayer for Rascal was written for the Crowley family on April 9, 1997.

©1997 by Sandra Fratt.

Devoted to Cats ©1997 to present by
Pat & The Crowley Cats