black cat

by Ronald G. Hawpe

Blackie is a cat we have.
He came from out of nowhere.
He's been around for several years.
Green eyes ... and yes, black hair.

Blackie has been good for us.
The family's had much joy.
At times he's treated like a king.
Next day he's like toy.

My youngest daughter loves him most.
My wife, she seems to like him.
But as for me, I'm looking for
his purpose and his whim.

It seems to me he eats and sleeps
and fights upon occasion.
He cleans his fur and rests some more
then wants to eat some more.

This cycle I've seen day by day.
Eat, sleep, and live a bit.
I've recognized it in myself.
Seems true for man and cat.

Perhaps as I unfold some more
and see myself more clearly
I'll understand our purpose here
and learn to Love more dearly.

'til then I guess I'll have to wait.
I'll eat, I'll sleep, I'll live.
And Blackie sure will do the same.
It's all we have to give.

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Blackie ©2000 by Ronald G. Hawpe.


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