Curiosity Almost
Killed This Cat!

By Sammy Cat

It made pur-r-fect sense to me. There it was, the front door. Open. The whole wide world was beckoning. I was four months old and "cat" enough to venture out on my own. There were aromas I'd never smelled. Objects I'd never seen. Sounds I'd never heard. So, when no one was looking I let my paws do the walking.

In the beginning, it was fun. I lurked in the tomato plants out front, stalking that great big scarecrow. But that got old, when he wouldn't laugh at my antics like everyone at The Shopper did. So I ventured out farther . . . around the corner and into the parking lot. Wow! Look at all that wide open space to play, I thought.

With head up and tail high, I explored farther, to the back of The Shopper building. What a great place to play. And best of all, I found some friends. Cats who lived out in the bush. How adventurous! Living on your own, without a care in the world, being your own cat.

At first the other cats weren't very friendly, but I met a white cat with black and brown patches who took me in. "Patches" showed me where she lived. It was under a pile of boards. Thank goodness it wasn't cold or raining. At first it was fun, but then I got hungry and asked where the food bowl was. I thought the other cats were going to split a whisker, they laughed so hard.

I suddenly realized that I really had it good at The Shopper. Unlike them, I had a nice cozy place to sleep when it rained, or snowed, or was very cold. And I have a full bowl of food every day, and a clean bowl of fresh water, too. But what really made me homesick was the fact that they never got loved.

I got loved on by a whole menagerie of people every day, but the cats I hung out with never got anything but a rock tossed at them, a harsh word, or a swift kick.

My "adventure" soon turned into a lonely five day cat-astrophe. The other cats went on their way, ignoring a "tenderpaw" who had never even chased dinner. Finally I heard my name being called. I went over to the voice, and there was Gabie! Even though it was past midnight, she had been looking for me all these days and nights. When she took me in her arms, it was the greatest feeling, to know you're loved! Ya know, the mice here at The Shopper are a lot nicer than the ones"out there". At least Shopper mice in the production department don't fight back! Boy, I tell ya, curiosity almost killed this cat!

Sammy's story first appeared in the Parker County Shopper. It is reprinted with the permission of Jim Webster and Shannon Story. At the time of publication, Shannon was a writer/photographer for the PCS and also served as Newsletter Editor and Webmaster for the North Texas Writer's Guild.

According to Sammy's buddy Shopper Cat, living at the PCS is "the cat's mee-o-o-w." In her opinion, "Though the humans around here think they're the boss, it's me and Sam who run this place."

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