by Sandra Fratt

BE AWARE, MY GOD, Scrappy has arrived
at the Rainbow Bridge!

BLACK as night, he moves with grace and stealth,
mighty hunter at the frog pond.

YOUNG and vigorous, frisky and spunky,
no stone will be left unturned
as now he explores his new land.

MISCHIEVOUS and curious in a masterly fashion,
he will continue his adventures,
and, in so doing, bring adventure to each of you!

CURLED securely, once again, in Rascal's white ruff,
he rests from days filled with joy and sunshine
and watches for his loyal companions he left behind.

FRIENDLY to all, and with fascinating stories to tell,
he will captivate his many new companions.

BUT, DO NOT loose your heart to him!
For one day, when his beloved Pat arrives,
he will fling his lithe body into her arms
and be her little black shadow for all eternity.


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Ode to Scrappy was written for the Crowley family on April 26, 1997.

©1997 by Sandra Fratt.

Please visit A Candle in Memory, a tribute to Scrappy
and his friends at Rainbow Bridge.

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Pat & The Crowley Cats