Kitties fishing

Certain Signs

by Mark A. Dye

Black and white and tortise shell
sleeping sound then raising hell
rearrange my neat abode
searching for the mother load

Scratching posts and catnip mice
and other toys that seem so nice
plants that hang and other things
rumpled rug with edge of strings

Dancing furrballs, rumpled mats
shredded carpets, dying plants
all are certain signs to me
that my life I'm living free

Well, maybe not exactly free
but certainly it's right for me
litter pans that must cleaned
for furry ones all freshly preened

Endless bowls that must be filled
another moth that must be killed
rancid cans of old cat food
I love it all I love this brood.

Cats spell love


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Certain Signs © Mark A. Dye


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