Scrappy types!

But, It's True!

by Charles Albano

"Mommie, Mommie, get up and see,
And get up everyone else!
Scrappy is typing on the PC--
Come and see for yourself!"

"AHHHhhhh, get to sleep, don't be silly;
You woke me up, and I'm upset--
Go to your room, there's school tommorow,
And I have to take Scrappy to the vet!"

"He's been acting strange of late;
His sleeping patterns have changed.
He's getting into things he shouldn't,
Acting as though he's deranged!"

"So what you saw is due
To nothing more than that.
He's probably bored and restless,
And becoming an imsomniac!"

In the morning as her mom awoke,
Preparing for the day ahead,
She heard the sound of a keyboard stroke,
And recalled what her daughter had said.

She overtook the cat by surprise,
And what she saw was amazing--
Scrappy pounding at the keyboard,
Intensely gesticulating!

To make an indredible story short--
Nature can make quantum leaps.
Scrappy is now a leading author,
Writing poems while the family sleeps!


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Dr. Charles Albano is a prolific poet whose poems are in many collections on the Internet.

But, It's True!  © Charles Albano, 1998.

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