Winston Ernest Noel
~My Soulmate and Love~
by Gwen Noel

Winston clear When I got Winston, it was a year before my Sealpoint Siamese, "Kid" went to the bridge. I knew I wouldn't have Kid much longer, he was 15 years old, and his health was failing, and I didn't know how I could live without him. He was my first soulmate. Kid took Winston under his wing, er.....paw, and when Kid died, at home, in his sleep, a year later, Winston did make it easier to bear, and it is and was like Kid told Winston little things, because Winston is very much like Kid was, and does some of the same little sweet things Kid did, in fact, some of it is downright eerie. I will always miss my first soul mate, but Winston helped me through that difficult time, as if he knew how I felt.

I got Winston Ernest Noel when he was eight weeks old. He was a traditional Sealpoint Siamese, and the sweetest cat I have ever known. Winston and I shared a bond that was very close.

The first night I had him, he slept at the top of the bed, by my pillow, and always did. He also did somersaults and stayed on his back till I kissed his tummy.

In April of 2001, Winston suddenly started limping, with no symptoms of any illness up til now.I immediately took him to the vet, and he was examined and x-rayed. The x-ray showed a mass, which was biopsied, and sent to a lab. The report showed Fibrosarcoma, the only treatment is amputation, which does not guarantee anything. You might prolong his life a year, but this is a big, bad surgery, with a long recovery and therapy, since it would have to be removed at the socket. My Winston was 12 years old, hated going to the vet, and after much prayer and though, I decided not to put my soul mate through this.

After making my decision, both vets agreed with me, they said they have not seen good results and they would not do this to a pet of the theirs. His prognosis was 6 months, he lived 4.

His last 4 months of his life he seemed, if possible, to be growing sweeter with each day. His last weeks he slept wrapped around my head practically every night, with his face in my face. All night he would touch my face with his paw, on my cheek, kips, eyes and nose. And every once in a while he would give me a little love nibble on my ears or nose. He seemed to know he would be leaving me, and was trying to comfort me.

Winston went to the bridge on Sat. morning, Aug. 4, 2001, about 9 a.m. And part of my heart went with him, I will miss him forever, til we meet again, he was truly my love, my soulmate.

In memory of Winston Ernest Noel I am Me
I am just Me
I'm a little like other cats
But mostly
I am just


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