Bonne Année

Good Luck Kitties

Good Luck Kitties

This postcard was purchased in 1998 at the annual Fort Worth Antiquarian Book and Paper Fair. It is not postmarked. It was probably mailed in an envelope or delivered in some other manner. The divided back indicates that it was printed after 1907. In small print on the dividing line are the words "FABRICATION FRANÇAIS" and in the left hand lower corner, the initials "W.M.P." plus the word "PARIS."

Front of postcard:

The kitties are "identified" as Suzanne J. (orange tabby cat) and Marthe R. (black cat)

The phrase "Bonne Année" stands out in gilded basrelief.

Hand written in ink:

on en a de jolies petites pattes! pi une belle queue. Je suis tigree.

Back of postcard:


Tous mes voeux pour la nouvelle année

Le quator va bientot se trouver réunis


Thanks to our friend Niklos for the following translation:

Front of Postcard:

Happy New Year

We have such nice little paws and a beautiful tail. I'm tabby.

Back of Postcard:


All my wishes for the the new year. The quartet will be soon put together.


Niklos commented that "the quartet" may refer to musicians or a group of four friends.

If anyone can identify the artist who created these kitties, please contact The Crowley Cats.

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