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~Welcome to Scrappy's Nest~

Whether this is your first visit to Scrappy's Nest or whether you've been here many times, we hope you'll enjoy your stay. On December 15, 2008, we celebrated our 12th anniversary! During the years we've had a home on the Internet, we've had the pleasure of mewing with many cats and cat lovers all over the world. We are thankful for their friendship.

Please read our meowmie's Tribute to Scrappy, then check out our Pet Projects. This section is updated frequently and it provides links to a variety of pages on our web site. The links at top of page will take you to subjects on this page. Text links at the bottom of this page provide transportation to different sections of Scrappy's Nest. All our web pages are located in our domain: If you have any links or bookmarks to our pages that were on or, please update them.

The Crowley Cats

Tribute to Scrappy

Scrappy roaming at his frog pond.

May 10, 1995 - April 11, 1997

Scrappy's life on the the Triple C Ranch began when he was abandoned. He was apparently dumped out on the road that borders our land. It seemed miraculous that such a small kitten was able to find his way to our home 1/4 mile away. He was not greeted with enthusiasm by our dog, Sandy. A kitten with less ingenuity and speed might not have survived this encounter. Scrappy's story is told from his viewpoint in Scrappy's Adventures.

Scrappy was quite content to live the life of a simple, country cat. His adventures consisted mainly of roaming in nearby pastures and hunting at his frog pond. His personality led me to "quote" him in a comment to Brisbee, a virtual community sponsored by the Star-Telegram Online Services. He also made an appearance at the Brisbee Bookmobile Story Hour, disguised as the Cat in the Hat. Eventually, our fellow Brisbuds chose him to represent the town as their official mascot.

Soon after that, Gerry Barker, former Interact Director of STOS, then known as StarText, asked if Scrappy would consider hosting a forum. Of course, Scrappy accepted immediately. Cats and cat lovers began "Roaming with Scrappy" on September 26, 1996. Soon, Scrappy became the first cat on StarText to have his own email address and web site, compliments of the Star-Telegram. Scrappy's original home page, the first Scrappy's Nest, is a reflection of his fun-loving personality. It remains online as a tribute to Scrappy, whose brief life brought so much happiness to his family and friends.

Scrappy was an integral part of our family and we miss him very much. We will always remember his affectionate nature and brave spirit. He charmed us with his personality and entertaining antics. He was definitely the scrappiest little cat we've ever had the pleasure to love.

Pat Crowley


Pet Projects & Other Activities

1.  Awards & Prizes

Sneaky clear Although we are not very competitive kitties, we are proud of the awards and prizes we've received. We recently renovated our Award Rooms and moved them to a new location. Please click on the Beanie Baby to view our display of awards and prizes. We won "Sneaky" in October 2000, by entering one of our friend Smokey Girl's contests.

That same year, Shibui received a beautiful award from The Cat's Corner. She accepted it on behalf of all the Siamese kitties who were featured in the Siamese Gallery. When you visit Room II, please click on Shibui's award to visit The Cat's Corner Wall of Fame. All graphics in our award rooms are linked to presentor's web sites, if they are still available. We purr that those who are missing will eventually return.

2.  A Candle in Memory

Rainbow Candle The idea for A Candle in Memory began when Scrappy lit a candle for one of his forum friends who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This page pays tribute to Scrappy and his friends who are now roaming there. We appreciate the families who have shared their photographs and memories with us. Some photographs are linked to tributes and others are linked to larger photographs on a supplementary page.

A Candle in Memory also contains a section of links to tributes which honor the memory of other friends we met on the WWW. Please take time to visit them.

After Shibui created a similiar memorial page for her friends in CLAW's Older Cats Society, the Milliken Kittens suggested that we light a candle for The Unknown Kitty. This page pays tribute to all those kitties who've gone to the Rainbow Bridge alone.

3.  Devoted to Cats: Poetry & Prose of a Feline Nature

Cat silhouetteclear GIFAn introductory page to Devoted to Cats links to the table of contents. This collection features poems, stories, and tributes written by a variety of talented authors. We appreciate the patience of those who are waiting to have their poems added to the collection. This is one of our favortie projects and we hope to devote more time to it in the future. Devoted to Cats will continue to provide links to other poetry collections on the WWW, including the featured poets' web sites.

4.  Holidays & Special Events

Vicki catVictor catOur Holiday Index includes pages we've created for many special occasions. You're invited to celebrate them with us!

We enjoy visiting other kitties' holiday pages, as well as attending their special events, parties and wedwinks! We put our collection of souvenirs in a special corner of Scrappy's Nest. We hope you'll click here to see them and visit the sites they represent.

5.  Scrappy's Photo Album & Scrap Book

Scrappyclear gifIn addition to tributes to family members at Rainbow Bridge, we tell our own true stories in Scrappy's Photo Album & Scrap Book. We also share some of the adventures we've had on the WWW. We hope you'll enjoy browsing through the pages.


Our Club Memberships

There are many activities and clubs for cats on the Internet. Participating in them is a good way to meet new friends and broaden your interests. We'll tell you more about the clubs we joined and show you our membership cards, when you visit our Club Page!


Shibui's membership in CLAW opened the doors to a world of opportunities for all of us. She played the Fairy Godmother in the CLAW Thespians' production of Cinderella and she performed in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood, and Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. We enjoyed attending events at CLAW and checking out the books in CLAW Library.

New CLAW card

Please visit Shibui's CLAW Page to learn more about this prestigious organization and her participation it it. After Shibui went to Rainbow Bridge, we elected Bogey to follow in her pawprints at CLAW. She was on her way to becoming an honorable kitty, when CLAW closed. Please visit Bogey's CLAW Page to read about her experiences.

Note: On October 12, 2005, a decision was made to close CLAW. CLAW Theater and some CLAW groups remain open, although they are no longer affiliated with CLAW.


We are proud to be Friends of CLAW Theater!

Friends of the CLAW Theater


Please visit our Claw Theater Page to learn more about current productions and upcoming events!


This is the Cyber Kitten that we adopted from Princess Polly's Adoption Agency.
We named him "Ditto" because he reminds us of
Ditcher.  So does Clancy!

Ditto, our Cyber Kitten

Certificate from Princess Polly's Adoption Agency

Princess Polly went to Rainbow Bridge on August 2, 2009. Although Polly's Palace is no longer online,
you may still read the interview that Freya conducted with her in 1999.


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A Candle in Memory Scrappy's Nest was created by Scrappy, with a little help from his friends. It is continued in his memory by Pat & The Crowley Cats.

Please visit A Candle in Memory, a memorial in honor of Scrappy and his friends who are roaming at the Rainbow Bridge

We remember - September 11, 2001
Graphic by Kate Dalton

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