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Hi! My name is Midnight. I've been living on the Triple C ranch since a week before Christmas of 1990. I was just a kitten when Pat and George found me on the side of their road. There were three other cats living here then: Ditcher, Rascal, and Dobbin.

Ditcher and Dobbin didn't pay much attention to me at first, but Rascal adopted me immediately. He taught me everything I know about hunting and survival. Later, when Scrappy joined the family, Rascal did the same for him. Scrappy and Rascal went to the Rainbow Bridge in April, 1997. I still miss them. I have three sisters now. Dobbin and Shibui, are both five years older than I am and they aren't very playful. Bogey joined our family in March of 1998. She was about a year old then and she was a real nuisance at first. She followed me everywhere I went and she imitated everything I did. Then she turned her attentions toward Shibui, who thought Bogey was trying to put a hex on her. My job is to protect my sisters and to keep them from arguing with each other. Believe me, that isn't an easy task! I have a little help since Frenchie came to live with us. He is a young cat, who has a personality very much like Rascal. Maybe that's why Shibui made friends with him so fast.

Midnight in reposeI'm a good hunter. I keep copperhead snakes and rabbits out of the garden and orchard. I don't roam very far from the house, because it's too dangerous. Our dog, Sandy, usually makes the wild animals keep their distance, but once she treed a bobcat in our front yard!

There are lots of live oaks in our yard and I really like to climb them. My favorite one is in the backyard. When I'm hidden in its branches, I can see everything, but no one can see me. Another cool place is the sunken rock garden that George built for us.

Our deck is a good spot to lounge, too. It's on the flat roof over the carport. In good weather, We eat most of our meals on the deck. This photo was taken while Scrappy, Rascal, Dobbin, and I were enjoying an evening meal.

Four good friends
Scrappy, Rascal, Dobbin, & Me

My friend Cleo Fratt made my flag for our first Friday the 13th parade. All black cats were honored at a picnic held by the cats that go Roaming with Scrappy, a forum named for my little brother.

A lot of black cats have home pages on the WWW. There is another Midnight online, too, a lady cat who writes poetry and an advice column. She is the Queen Midnight, who founded CLAW! Shibui is a proud member of this organization. She has her own CLAW Page.

Shibui also has a secret room that is connected to her sanctuary. She gave me this prize after I found the hidden key! If you find it, don't tell Bogey where it is!

My valuable gem!

I'm proud to be a member of these award winning clubs!

TCMC Card   Society of Meditative Cats    Ferocious Fe-Lions

Back Fence Cat Club   Kitty Cat Club

The Katnip Club

Lone Star Felines


Throughout the year, most of these clubs have parties and other scheduled activities. You can learn more them by visiting our club page.

The BFCC members also have a lots of activities throughout the year. Besides special holiday events, there are contests and shows to participate in. The annual Halloween party is always a spectacular success with everything from a Haunted House to Trick or Treating Around the Internet! This is an award I won for bravery in 1998:

I'm SO Brave!

I'm a Core Member of CAD (Cat's Against D*gs) and I'm one of Henry's Cycle Cats!

CAD medal

My friend Rushy is a Cycle Cat, too. He earned Scrappy's Award for bravery for daring acts above and beyond the call of duty!

The Royal Artist at Queen Bitsy's castle made these costumes for Rushy and me to wear to the Renaissance Faire:

Rushy & Midnight


I have a very special friend named Smokey Girl. Isn't she beautiful?

Smokey Girl

I met her when Smokey's Web World was nominated for Queen Bitsy's Oscat. Later, we discovered that we live in adjoining counties. It really is a small world, isn't it? Smokey is a native Texan, too, and we are both members of Lone Star Felines. She and her meowmie are Scrappy's Friends, too. Smokey and I enjoy dining at The Lobster. We have fun going to parties like the Midnight Moonlight Ball at Catuary. After Shibui and Tucker's wedwink, we went to the TCMC Valentine Dance.

This is a birthday card that Smokey made especially for me.

Just Ducky

Smokey is very talented. She enjoys making cards for her friends. She makes pretty jewelry and snow globes, too.

Smokey's Valentine card   Smokey's Thanksgiving card

Smokey's new calf

1997 T-shirt The KCC's Catnip Festival features fun activities, booths, and mewsic in addition to the Catnip Cook-Off. These are some of my prizes and souvenirs! 1999 T-shirt

Catnip   I'm a Master Hunter!   Catnip

These are prizes I won at other parties:

Bridget & Conor's Birthday Party    Catuary Halloween award

Captain Video's House of Horrors

Smokey's Halloween Adventure

I dunked Queen Bitsy!   Sunshine's Web

Sammy's Haunted House    LSF Halloween House

My family and I enjoy attending CLAW Theater productions.

Friends of the CLAW Theater

Peter Pan


I read the Weekly Purrsuader to keep up with current events at Queen Bitsy's Castle. If you don't have a copy, you can read mine:

The Weekly Purrsuader

Well, I think it's about time for a snack and a cat nap, don't you? I hope you'll come back and visit me again. If you want to send me a message, just drop it in my mailbox.


Midnight went to Rainbow Bridge on February 19, 2001.
He will live in our hearts forever.

A Tribute to Midnight

My goal!

Vikimouse nada CatStuff

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