Scrappy went to the Rainbow Bridge on April 11, 1997. The original version of Scrappy's Nest remains as a tribute to the scrappiest little cat who ever lived on The Triple C Ranch.

The Original Scrappy's Nest

Scrappy, the Triple C Cat

Welcome to my home page! I live on a Texas ranch with four other cats and a dog. A couple of human folk, Pat & George Crowley, live here, too. Their main job is, of course, taking care of us. I'm dictating a story about my life on the Triple C Ranch.

I hope you'll enjoy reading "Scrappy's Adventures." Each time I write a new chapter, it will be announced it in my forum.

Gerry Barker gave me the opportunity to host a forum on StarText.Net. You don't have to be a cat to post a message in startext.scrappy. Sometimes I get notes from dogs and humans, too. One of my friends is a teddy bear, Old Bear, who writes a monthly column.

Pat helped me build my home page. I just told her what to put on it and she did the rest. Of course, she gets a lot of help and ideas from other StarTexans. Jim Boughton gives us plenty of tips and encouragement. Jim says all the cool cats use Microsoft Internet Explorer. He should know!

Ron Norman helped me find the background music: "Alley Cat" by Frank Bjorn. The MIDI arrangement is used with the permission of Don Carroll. It is dedicated to all the homeless cats who are looking for loving families. I wish they could all find one like I did.

There are a lot of neat pages on the Internet that feature cats. Hyper-CAT-Links are some of my favorites.


Go Roaming With Scrappy

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Scrappy's favorite question:

"Is it time to eat?"

Scrappy's favorite answer:

It's always time to eat, sleep, or roam!


Scrappy & StarText.Net

A little history compiled by The Crowley Cats:

Birdwatching Mailbox Scrappy was the first StarText.Net cat with with his own email address! He told his friends, "I love to get messages in my forum, but if you want to send me an email, just click on my mailbox."

If you have any questions about Scrappy, the Crowley Cats will be happy to answer them. Our meowmie, Pat, will continue to transcribe the notes that Scrappy dictated and add them to "Scrappy's Adventures."
Scrappy sparked the creative imagination of many of his fellow StarTexans, especially the citizens of Brisbee, who named him their official mascot. Betty Pantazis drew several cartoons depicting Scrappy in Brisbee. You can find these in the Brisbee Comics.

Betty also created a title illustration for Gerry Barker's imaginative tale about a city cat's trip to the country: The MIDI Adventures of Scrappy and Baby Kitty.


A Candle in Memory Scrappy's Nest was created by Scrappy, with a little help from his friends. It is continued in his memory by Pat & The Crowley Cats.

Please visit A Candle in Memory, a memorial in honor of Scrappy and his friends who are roaming at the Rainbow Bridge

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