Queen Midnight

Shibui - 6/1/1986 - 10/27/2003


Dearest Shibui,

For twelve wonderful years, you shared your life with us. We could only imagine the circumstances that led you to our home that hot, summer day. When I first saw you, you were in our front yard, clinging to the top branch of a live oak tree. From that distance, you appeared to be a kitten. But when you finally ventured down, it was apparent that you were an older cat, desperately in need of food and shelter. Even now, it makes me sad to think of how thin and frail you were then. Or what might have become of you, had you been unable to find a safe haven.

As you gradually recovered and adapted to your new lifestyle, it was evident that you were a fearless survivor. Our dog, Sandy, who had initially chased you up the tree, quickly learned to abide by your rules. At first, you were extremely cautious and unpredictable. Gradually, we gained your trust and you rewarded us with your unconditional love.

You were the most independent cat we've ever known and, as your Dad often says, the smartest one, too. You ruled our home with a regal, velvet paw. And every day, you enriched our lives with your graceful presence. So often, your voice was the first sound I heard in the morning. It was like music to my ears. In my dreams, I hear you singing from Rainbow Bridge. Until we join you there, you will live in our hearts.

Forever and always,
Your Meowmie

Dear Shibui,

You were a shining example to us ... a wonderful role model and teacher. Although you were the only member of our family who was privileged to wear a crown, you shared your CLAW experiences with us. You introduced us to your friends and took us to many events that were open to the public. Of course, we always gave you a standing ovation whenever you were in a Thespian production.

We remember how you met your beloved Tucker B. Smith, when you joined the Older Cats Society. What fun we had preparing for your wedwink and entertaining your guests! You were so sad when Tucker went to Rainbow Bridge earlier this year. Now you are together again, with many other friends and family members, too. We know that you are watching over us and that someday we will all be together again. We will treasure our memories of you and hold you in our hearts forever.

Loving Purrs,
Dobbin, Bogey, Frenchie & Clancy [The Crowley Cats]

When I learned that Shibui had gone I was stunned. Shibui was always very important in CLAW, and we will miss her a great deal.

We know, that she is now happy at the Rainbow Bridge, playing among the flowers and butterflies. There are many CLAW kitties there, waiting to greet her.

Queen Midnight

We have known and loved Shibui all the years we've been in CLAW; known her as a beautiful, talented and elegant cat, and loved her as the sweetest and kindest friend. We always looked up to her and felt so honored to be in her presence. Now we have cried so much over losing her, we can hardly see. But we know she is young and happy in the most beautiful of all places, where she watches over her lonely family and friends, really just the same as she always did. Shibui truly loved all cats, and we all felt it. She was a great lady among cats. Our hearts go out to her family, who loved her so. To Pat and to Frenchie, Dobbin, Bogey and Clancy, we feel your tears of loss, and we send our purrs for your comfort, strength and peace. Dear Shibui, we know you see how much we all miss you. We are honored to call you our friend, and comforted knowing we will see you again. With all our love,

Mewsette, Phelicity and mom Sharon


E.T. and Ginger

The Purr Scouts mourn the loss of a beautiful, thoughtful kitty, Shibui. We will miss Shibui's kind actions and gentle mews. Shibui was a purroud supporter of the Purr Scouts and served quite a few times as a volunteer Grandkitty in the Purr Scouts' Adopt-a-Grandkitty program, and her adopted grandkits always adored her. She and our newly departed Director, Patches Jezabelle can now romp together at the Rainbow Bridge, where they join many family members, and friends. We send our sympathies to Shibui's family, fur they have lost the physical presence of a furry special kitty.We hope they will find some comfort in the many happy memories they have of her.

Soft purrs
the Purr Scouts

Shibui was really a very nice kitty. We wrote each other from time to time and it was always a pleasure to read her mails and to feel her gentleness. She has a special place in my heart, and will always be my little favorite Texan kitty.


Zena, Scraps, Neek, Jordan & Meowmie

Shibui was a furry sweet kitty. She kept the candles for others burning in remembrance. Here is one for her. She will be missed, but remembered. Sweet Purrs, Shibui, we will see you at the Bridge.

Purrs of love,
Twist & Myste.

Shibui, I miss you so much at CLawfurriends. Your contributions aways put a sparkle in my day. I know that you are happier than you have ever been before. I know that you are young and healthy and filled with energy again. But it still hurts so much because you are no longer of this earth. Your family misses and grieves for you as do I. Clawfurriends is not the same and I still look for messages from my furriend, Shubui. Purrlease watch over your siblings, Meowmie, and PawPaw that you left behind. They need a lot of purrs right now.

Your most affectionate furriend,
Lady Blue

We are very sad to hear of Shibui's passing over the Rainbow Bridge. Lloyd and M&M were waiting for her to romp and play with them. If you look she will be forever in your heart and enjoying her nap in the sun.

The Carter Cats

Spyder, MGD, BlackJack & Meowmie Kat

I shall miss Shibui greatly, as one of the first kitties I met at CLAW. She was such a great Claw member and leader. Always keeping the Older Cat Society up to date, and did such wonderful work remembering the old and new. She will be in our hearts forever, as those many great Claw kitties that went before her and greeted her with open paws at her sudden Rainbow Crossing.
Heartfelt purrs to her family.


Shibui was a very special, beloved furriend of ours. She attended Keedie's wedwink and often sent us emails of kindess, support and encouragement. We mourn her passing to the bridge and will miss her deeply. She was a valued furriend. We know that the rainbow bridge has gained a very special angel. But CLAW has lost a wonderful member and furriend to all. We send our purrs of sympathy to her family.

Sad Purrs,
Misty, SnowPuff, Keedie, Patches, Yogi, Boo Boo, Twinkles, and meomwie

Patrick & Bianca

Shibui was furry special to us. We met her through the Purr Scouts and Older Cats Society adopt a grandkitty program. We were lucky to both get adopted by Shibui! She was always there fur us. She helped us become the grown-up kitties that we are today. She wanted to know all about us and what we were doing. We loved her so much! We will never furget her.

Simon and Pepper

Shibui was a dear furiend to all of us. We will all miss her very much. Sending sad purrs and deepest sympathy to her family and furiends.

All the Poisson Kitties

~Memorial by Shibui's Family~

In Loving Memory of Shibui

Roses from Tyger's Den

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Note: Shibui's Memorial Service took place in CLAW Rainbow Chapel from December 2003 to February 2004. It is replicated with permission from Niklos and Queen Midnight.

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