In Loving Memory of Shibui

Our Sweet Shibui
June 1, 1986 - October 27, 2003


On October 27th, our beloved sister joined her friends and family members who preceded her to Rainbow Bridge. Memories of Shibui will live in our hearts forever. We want to share some of them with you. We begin with some of her own writings and tributes from friends who loved her, too.

Luke the Cat

"Shibui had a wonderful life on the Triple C Ranch ... from rags to riches!"
Cathy Crowley Timmons

One of Shibui's journal entries describes her arrival:

I first arrived on the Triple C Ranch in June, 1991. It was an extremely hot summer day and I was tired, hungry, and thirsty. I was an older cat, desperately searching for a home. I was "welcomed" by our d*g, Sandy, who promptly chased me up a tree. There were four other cats living here then: Ditcher, Dobbin, Rascal, and Midnight. Midnight was about nine months old and had lived here since he was a kitten. Ditcher and Dobbin had lived in the city, before our two humans moved to the country. Like myself, Rascal arrived later, an older cat seeking his one true home. Until our v*t gave me a clean bill of health and a series of vacinations, I was quarantined on our sun porch. After that ordeal, I gradually adjusted to life with my new siblings.

This picture was taken in August, 1991, while we were eating our evening meal.

Supper on the deck
Ditcher, Dobbin, Midnight, Rascal & Shibui

Shibui's Entry in the Victorian Cat Society Cat Show
Spring 2002
Shibui in OrchardclearI am a Seal Point Siamese with sapphire blue eyes. Although I am almost sixteen years old, I am young at heart and still very agile. I live on a small ranch in Wise County, Texas, with four other cats, a dog, and two humans. Our house is in the middle of an acre of land that is fenced off from the cattle pastures. Depending on my mood and weather conditions, I either choose to stay inside or go outdoors. Although I like to stay near the hearth when there is a fire in the fireplace, my favorite indoor room is the front bedroom. A big picture window provides an excellent view of the birdbath and feeder. When I tire of bird watching, I curl up on Meowmie's antique chaise lounge and take a catnap. None of my siblings are allowed to disturb me when I am in this bedroom.

I may give the impression that I'm proud and sophisticated, but I'm really a very down-to-earth kitty. In fact, nothing makes me feel better than rolling in a soft patch of warm dirt! I also enjoy climbing trees, hunting, and supervising my meowmie's gardening activities. She took this photograph of me in our orchard on a summer day.

Meowmie says that I'm as unpredictable as Texas weather. My dad claims that I'm the smartest cat he's ever known.

If I were in a cat show, I would vie for the title "Most Independent Cat."

March 18, 2002


Shibui's dear friend Mewsette sent us this beautiful poem:

To Dear Shibui, We'll Meet Again

by Mewsette

We'll meet again where songbirds sing,
Where every day is sunny Spring,
Where streams run cool and clear.
But meanwhile I will miss you so,
The empty place you left will grow
In days when you're not here.

I really can't believe you're gone;
I wake and see you in the dawn,
The distance isn't far
From in my dreams of bygone days,
To where I feel your loving gaze -
I'm close to where you are.

Oh, when I see you once again,
I'll have so much to tell you then,
We'll need a week or two,
To snuggle in a roomy chair,
To mew and purr and giggle there,
With other dear ones, too.
So when you know my hour is late,
Please go and sit down by the gate
That's near the Rainbow's end,
So yours will be the face I see,
To smile again and welcome me;
I'll see you there, dear friend.

You may read more of Mewsette's poems on her Poetry Page.

After Shibui went to Rainbow Bridge, we received many heart-warming messages, postcards, and tributes. We are comforted by each and every purr sent by our friends. We wish it were possible to share them all with you. We are taking excerpts from messages and will share more of them with you soon. Please continue to the next page to view more tributes lovingly made in honor of our sweet Shibui.

The Carter Family

Shibui will be forever in your heart and enjoying her nap in the sun.

The Carter Family

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