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Scrappy's First Adventure

Chapter 1 - Looking for a Home

It was dark and I didn't know where I was. I only knew that I was hungry and tired. I was scared, too, because I could hear coyotes howling. They sounded like they were real close.

I hid in the tall grass by the side of the gravel road. As soon as it was daylight, I could see a gate. I walked through it and followed the road. By the time I got nearly to the top of the hill, I could see a house with a chain link fence around it. I didn't feel like I had enough strength to go any further.

Suddenly, a big dog came running toward me. It didn't look very friendly and I knew I better find a place to hide. There were lots of trees in the yard but they were too far away. There was a pickup truck parked outside the fence and I thought if I could just get to it, I'd be safe.

I ran as fast as I could and slid under the truck. Then I climbed up under the hood and crouched on the engine. The dog began barking real loud. I tried to call for help but I didn't think anyone would hear me. I cried as loud as I possibly could: "MEEEOOOOOW, MEEEEOOOOOOW!!!"

Then I heard a man's voice say, "Hush, Sandy. We'll take care of things now." A woman exclaimed, "Good grief! What kind of a cat is under the hood? It sure sounds like a big one!"

Next, I heard her say that she was going back to the house to get a towel.

When she returned, she told the man, "Okay, open the hood just a little bit so we can see what's under there. When he did, she began to laugh and said, "Look at this tiny, little kitten. How do you suppose he can he make so much noise?"

I didn't resist when she gathered me up in the towel. As she carried me into the house, I turned on my loudest purr.

Continued in Chapter 2 . . . . Follow me!


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