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Scrappy's First Adventure

Chapter 2 - The Sun Porch

The lady carried me through the house and into a big room. There were lots of windows and the sun was shining through them. She told me, "You look like you're tired and hungry. Wait here on the sun porch and I'll bring you a bowl of cream."

While she was gone, I looked around. There was a table with two chairs in the middle of the room. A screen door on the other side of the room led outside. A large container was next to the door and I wondered what was in it. As I turned my head, I saw a third door next to a big window. A cabinet under the window had a marble top. It looked like a nice place to rest, but I couldn't jump that high.

Soon the woman returned and placed a bowl of fresh cream in front of me. While I was lapping it up, she got a pillow and put it in a laundry basket. She picked me up and put me in the basket, as soon as I finished drinking the cream. "Now that you're full, you probably want to take a little nap." I was beginning to think she could read my mind!

The bed was so soft and comfortable that I went right to sleep. I thought I was still dreaming when I heard the people talking. I opened one eye and saw that they were sitting at the table.

The woman said, "The last thing we need is another cat!"

"That's true, but how can we turn him away?" the man asked. "He must have had a hard time just getting here."

"He's such a little scrap of a cat. It's amazing a coyote didn't get him first," she replied.

"That proves he's a very smart kitten," he told her.

I sat up and stretched. When she noticed me, the woman said, "George, if you'll put Sandy on her chain, I'll take the kitten outside for a little while. He probably wants to stretch his legs."

George told her, "I'll do that, but I better feed Sandy, too." He walked toward the door and opened the container. As soon as he did that, I could smell food. He measured a can full of dry dog food, opened the screen door, and shouted, "Sandy! Sandy!"

In a few minutes, he came back into the house and said, "Okay, Pat. Sandy is chained to a post on the carport. Why don't you introduce the kitten to her now?"

"Good idea," said Pat. As she picked me up and carried me through the screen door, I began to purr again.

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