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Scrappy's First Adventure

Chapter 4 - The Bath:

I didn't have a chance to look around as Pat carried me through a small room. She walked up a short flight of stairs and opened another door. I couldn't imagine what was in store for me.

I remembered how my mother gently bathed me with her rough tongue. She taught me how to bathe myself and I thought I did a pretty good job. Soon, I discovered that humans have different methods. Pat carried me into the kitchen and started running some water into the sink. There was a stack of towels on the counter and she put one in the bottom of the sink. She told me that it would keep me from sliding around. That's when I began to get scared.

I sunk my claws into her shirt and resisted her efforts to remove them. She talked to me very gently and tried to explain what she intended to do. When I relaxed, she put me in the sink. The warm water was just above my paws and it didn't feel too bad. She opened a jar of Vaseline and put a little bit over each of my eyes. She explained that it would keep shampoo from getting in them.

I didn't know what shampoo was, but there was nothing to do but wait and find out. Then, she began to put water all over my coat. She took the top off another bottle and poured some funny smelling stuff on me. She told me it was special shampoo that she got from the veterinarian. It was supposed to get rid of ticks, fleas, and dirt and it was safe for small kittens.

It felt good when she massaged the soap into my skin. I didn't like it when she tried to clean my ears, though. What came next was worse. She turned on the water again, but this time she made it come out of a little hose. She sprayed water on me and she didn't stop until she was sure that all the shampoo was washed off. Then she did everything a second time. I was getting so tired and hungry that I began to cry.

Finally, she wrapped me in a soft, clean towel and carried me back to the sun porch. George was sitting at the table and he said, "I'll bet that little scrap of a cat is glad you're finished with him." Pat answered, "Well, I'm not quite finished. I need to dry him first." She sat down opposite George and put me in her lap. She rubbed me with the towel until I was almost dry. Then, she ran a small comb through my fur. "He's not much to look at, but he is sort of cute," she said. George looked me over and replied, "Yes, I suppose he'll grow into his ears and paws. He reminds me of Mickey Mouse. Maybe that would be a good name for him." They both laughed when he said that and I hoped he was joking.

Then he said, "Let me hold him while you fix him something to eat." When she handed me to George, I began to purr again. I was beginning to feel like he could read my mind. He held me and scratched my ears until Pat come back. I thought she was bringing me another bowl of cream, but this time she gave me some tuna. It was so good! When I finished, she picked me up and carried me to the marble topped cabinet. She placed me on a small pillow next to the window. "You should be very comfortable in this sunny spot."

My tummy was full and I was clean and dry. In a few minutes, I drifted off to sleep. I had a very pleasant dream. I dreamt I had a family and a home. I didn't want to wake up, but something disturbed my cat nap. I opened my eyes and looked around. What I saw out the window made my fur stand on end. Looking through the glass was the biggest cat I'd ever seen! The cat was staring at me as if I were a mouse. I remembered what George said about my looks and I wondered what would happen next. Before I had a chance to hide, the big cat lifted his paw and extended it toward me. I began to relax when I realized that he was smiling.

Just then, Pat came back and said, "I see that Rascal wants to meet you. I'll let him come in and we'll see what he thinks of you." I thought maybe I better not take any chances. Quickly, I jumped on the step stool and ran down the steps. I was under the table before Pat opened the door. Rascal jumped off the railing and ambled into the room. As he walked toward me, I turned on my loudest purr.

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