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Sadly, many of our favorite tribute pages are no longer available.
Although invalid links have been removed from this page,
related photographs remain in honor of friends at the Bridge.

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BFCC Memorials


Queen Bitsy
Queen Bitsy

Tributes to Queen Bitsy by:

Back Fence Cat Club


Doris Edwards

Queen Elizabeth and the Highlander Cats

Boomer's Memorial Page
by Carla


Queen Claudie
Queen Claudie

Memorial to Queen Claudie
by ClydeSight2.0!

Clyde and his Rainbow Angel
Clyde Big Paws

Clyde Big Paws - a tribute by Henry of the BFCC

Clyde Big Paws Memorial Web Site

A Flower for Clyde

A Flower for Clyde Campaign
Created by Sir Triffan Gentlecat

A Tribute to Daisy
by Princess Polly

Doris Edwards
Doris Edwards

Tributes to Doris Edwards:

Gwen's Memorial Page

A Memory Page by Lois Lebert

Polly's Memories of Doris

Louise & Brandee's Memorial

Queen Elizabeth and Nancy's Memorial

Tomzrule Memorial

A Tribute by Pat & The Crowley Cats

Doris Edwards' Memorial Chapel
and tributes to her Rainbow Angels:
Bitsy | Hootie | Poppy | Tuzi

Drew Hurley

Memorial to Drew
at ClydeSight2.0! by C.H.U.

Angel Henry
Henry Von Tudor

Tributes to Henry Von Tudor by:



Princess Polly

Jazmine "Jazzy" Taylor

Jazzy's Place

Katzenberg Memorial
by Diane

A Tribute to Monday
by CatAnna

Portrait of an Angel
Poetry & Prose
by Terri Onorato

Gabrielle David's
Rainbow Bridge

Memorial to Sammers
by Princess Polly

Sass A. Frass
Sass A. Frass

Your Essence
A poetic tribute
by Mark A. Dye

In Memory of Sebastian Pyewackle
by The Crowley Cats

And Then There Was Shannon
A Celebration of His Life
by Franny Syufy

Memorial to Shannon
at ClydeSight2.0! by C.H.U.

Smokey Girl

Tribute to Smokey Girl
by Barb


A Summer of Goodbye
written for Tigger and her family
by Wallie Miranda Milliken

Memorial Page for
Captain Tik Tok McDougle
by Trish

A Memorial to Tripod
by Fran

Links to memorials, tributes, and Purring Paws pages
created by Older Cats Society members and their families:

Because I knew Thee....
Including links to Our Friends, 
The Rainbow Bridge, and Words of Strength
by Baby Bird

In Memorium
by Baby and Caroline Price

Forever Memorial Gardens
by Ms Kitty (Missy), KiKi Noel, & Calli

Tribute to The Unknown Kitty
suggested by
BabyCat Milliken & her Family

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"Clyde Big Paws--Keeping the Memory Alive"

Photographs on this page belong to the families
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Rainbow Angel courtesy of ClydeSight2.0

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