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Rainbow Candle
This candle is lit in remembrance of members of the Older Cats Society who have preceded us to the Rainbow Bridge.  Their names are linked to tributes which include some of their writings.  May their wisdom and courage continue to enlighten and inspire us.

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Brindle Givens


Brindle, a loyal member of CLAW, was an intelligent kitty who had a fine sense of humor. During the CLAW Awards ceremonies of April 2000, Brindle was recognized as one of the funniest cats in the Joker's Society. She earned the rank of Damsel of CLAW through her participation in a variety of activities. As a member of the Older Cats Society, Brindle participated in the Adopt-a-GrandKitty program. She was also a member of the Environmental Guild and Cats Who Love Horses.

This is Brindle's prize-winning description of her horse, Sham, who she entered in a Cats Who Love Horses show.

Sham is a golden Arabian purebreed. He has a star on his forehead, and a white spot on his back right heel. He has a very sweet temperament, and his weak point is his willingness to let strangers ride him. He will let judges and me ride him, because he knows he will not be mistreated by judges, and especially not by me.

In springtime of the year 2000, Brindle went to the Rainbow Bridge. Her memory will live on in the hearts of her family and friends.

Photograph © The Givens Family

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Getting Older

by Charlie Murphy

Getting older isn't something that one should be afraid of, it isn't something that we should dread. You can be scared, you can dread it, but it will still happen no matter what. You should live life and enjoy it, because life doesn't last for long. I've lost enough brofurs and sisfurs to know that if you don't enjoy life, and being with the ones you love, you're going to be more depressed, and sadder when either your life or someone you love's life comes to an end because you'll think "have I enjoyed life enough to know that when I let go, I'm going to be happy?" Enjoy life, and don't be afraid to show someone that you care.

Tomorrow....Where will we be?

by Charlie Murphy
June 13, 1999

Were will I be tomorrow? That is a question that I have found myself thinking so many times. We are older now, and tomorrow for us could be the rainbow bridge. I think, that since that's what tomorrow could bring, we need to express ourselves today, and not take for granted tomorrow. We need to express our love, our anger, our hope everything, because we may not ever get another chance to express ourselves. Soon we will join our meowmies(cat), grandmeowmies and everfurryone that ever crossed the rainbow bridge and we will be happy forever.

Charlie wrote this haiku for the June 1999 Older Cats Society Monthly Activity:

tiny and afraid
running from the enemy
mice hiding in a hole

In Memory of Charlie

In October, 1999, Charlie joined his sister Jessie at the Rainbow Bridge. Charlie was a loyal, active member of the Older Cats Society. He participated in the Purr Scout Adopt-A-Kitty program and helped Brother Jerome earn his GrandKitty badge.

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by Chata Gai
June 21, 2000

Chata Gai

I was born in Southern California, in 1983. My parents were Jasmine Blu, a Blue Point Siamese and Brown Sabra, a Seal Point. When my current owner, Sue, showed up, seeking a Siamese kitten, there were three of us from my litter "available." Two were Blue Point males, both larger than myself -- I was, I suppose you could say, the "runt of the litter." But Sue selected me, and I quickly adapted to life at her home, with the very elderly Ming and younger Kubelai Khan, who were both female Seal Points.

As I approached my second year, I was bred to a handsome Seal Point named Targa. After a difficult delivery (c-section, though I don't remember THAT), I had two Seal Point kittens, whom Sue named Subotai and Genghis Khan. When the kits were almost a year old, we moved to Oregon, with Kubelai. Ming had passed to Rainbow Bridge before this, as did Kube four years later, at age 22 years. Sadly, Subotai is also no longer with us, having been "lost" to a predator near our home, when he was eight years old. GK and I now only go outside on leash or on the protected deck of our present home. This is the best way, we think, for cats and kitties -- to be able to enjoy the outdoors with our owner and yet be safe.

We enjoy watching the birds, deer and other wild critters from the safety of the windows of Sue's rec room, keeping her company when she works on the computer or reads, and -- of course -- we have enjoyed our participation in CLAW where we have "met" many great cats and kitties and participated in forums, sports, and classes.

Genghis Khan & Chata Gai clearChata Gai and her son, Genghis Khan, joined CLAW on March 7, 2000. Chata Gai, a Handmaid of CLAW, very much enjoyed attending events and mewing with her friends. Her biography was included in the OCS Memory Book and she was the featured Spotlight Kitty in April 2001. Chata Gai was also a member of the Society of Siamese Cats of the Internet.

She was a remarkably intelligent cat who was very agile for her age. She enjoyed sports, especially football. This photograph, taken with her football, was one of her favorites:

Chata Gai with football

In July, 2001 at age eighteen, Chata Gai peacefully departed for Rainbow Bridge.

Photographs © Chata Gai's Family

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Cindy Pietrowiak

Cindy Pietrowiak

Cindy Pietrowiak was a kind, thoughtful kitty. She was also very brave. Toward the end of her life, she experienced many health problems. After she joined her sister Jennie at Rainbow Bridge on October 2, 2001, her family wrote:

angel and kitsCindy lived a wonderfur life with her brofur Nicholas and sisfurs Chloe, Jasmine and Jennie. Cindy was only 13 years old. She was furry healthy most of her life. She had a great sense of humor and loved to play tricks on her brofur Nicholas. About one year ago she began coughing frequently. Meowmie took her to the vet and they found out that one of the lobes of one lung was collapsed. She then became diabetic and developed diabetic neuropathy. She also got pancreatitis. It became harder and harder for her to breathe and she stopped eating. Meowmie took her to the vet and she told her that she was in respiratory distress and would never eat in that condition. It was so hard for Cindy .... We miss her more than mews can say. The only thing that comfurts us is that she is not suffuring any more.

Cindy, Chloe, Jennie, and Nicholas joined CLAW on April 18, 1998. They became active members of the Older Cats Society and Purring Paws. Cindy enjoyed participating in activities and events with her family. They each volunteered to be in the Purr Scout Adopt-a-GrandKitty program. Cindy was very proud of her own GrandKitty, Belle. On GrandKitty Appreciation Day, the Pietrowiak family wrote:

It has been an honor fur us to be Grandmews and Grandpaw to our Purr Scouts. The learning experience is not one-sided. We learned a lot from each other. It was lots of fun too. We enjoyed, as we always do, making mew furriends. We are furry, furry proud of all the wonderfur kitties who are Purr Scouts. Thank mew all for giving us the oppurrtunity to be a part of it.

Cindy, Damsel of CLAW, placed a high value on family, friends, and service to her community. She was always ready to lend a helping paw and send a comforting purr to a kitty in need. She will be genuinely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.

Please visit OCS tribute to Cindy's sister Jennie.

Photograph © The Pietrowiak Family

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Isaac was loved and respected by his many friends at CLAW. He was an intelligent cat and a very good student. He received a BCC from CLAW University in August, 1999. Isaac enjoyed mewing with his friends and shopping at CLAW Mall.

After Isaac joined the Older Cats Society in the Spring of 1999, he volunteered to participate in the Adopt-a-GrandKitty program. His GrandKitty, Willie, and his family made this loving tribute for their "Grandfaffy":

Tribute for Isaac
Isaac and his brother Smudge were co-owners of The Smudge Bistro, a popular Internet restaurant for cats. He was also a member of TCMC.

On September 12, 2000, Isaac made a peaceful journey to Rainbow Bridge.

Photograph © Isaac's Family

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Jennie Pietrowiak


Jennnie was two years-old when she entered the lives of the Pietrowiak family. Although she was often in ill health, she bravely faced each day and made the most of every moment. Jennie preceded her sister Cindy to the Rainbow Bridge on February 14, 2001. Both she and Cindy were thirteen years-old when they went to the Bridge. Afterwards, the Pietrowiak's wrote:

angel and kitsclearAs long as we can rememfur, Jennie had one medical problem after the other. She was a very quite, loving kitty. She loved to play with all the toys Meowmie bought for us and she loved to sleep in her tent and with Meowmie and Grandmeowmie. She almost lost her eyesight 3 times, but a furry special vet did surgery on her and saved her eyes. She had many illnesses, but she nefur complained. She lost one of her ears when Meowmie first brought her home because of cancer. Then, a couple of years ago, she got cancer on her liver. The vet said it was the size of a baseball. She removed it and Jenny was much better fur a year. The cancer came back and this time she just got worse and finally she stopped eating too. Meowmie helped her cross the Bridge. We hope she and Cindy and togefur now.

Please purr fur our sisfurs. They were wonderfur kitties--so kind and gentle. They were purrty active in CLAW at one time, but then efurybody started getting sick, including Meowmie and Grandmeowmie and we just didn't have time.

When mew kitties and mewr hoomins light your candles, please think of Jennie and Cindy. Our lives are empty without them.

Thank mew furry much. Gentle purrrsss and whisker kisses,

Nicholas, Chloe and Jasmine (Meowmie and Grandmeowmie too)

Jennie, Cindy, Nicholas and Chloe joined CLAW on April 18, 1998. Soon afterwards, they became members of the Older Cats Society and Purring Paws. Jennie enjoyed attending events and mewing with her friends. She especially enjoyed sharing experiences with her GrandKitty, Chester, whom she met through the Purr Scouts Adopt-a-GrandKitty program. Jennie earned the rank of Damsel of CLAW and received awards for her participation in CLAW Guilds. She was loved by her family and her many friends who will hold her in their hearts forever.

Please visit OCS tribute to Jennie's sister Cindy.

Photograph © The Pietrowiak Family

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  Birding Secrets

by Lloyd
November 11, 2001


My Meowmie has several feeders hung on a large Maple tree whose branches spread over our deck off of our sunporch. She has a special feeder for the goldfinches on one of the branches a distance away from the other two hanging feeders on the tree.

In her flower borders, she has hummingbird feeders hung up. Another hummingbird feeder is a window hummingbird feeder just special for me to watch the hummers from my tin top table. Meowmie also throws out unshelled peanuts every morning. The squirrels are kept busy burying their peanuts and do not bother with the hanging feeders. Meowmie throws out sunflower seeds to the squirrels every evening. Only a few squirrels come for these seeds at night. Meowmie also puts out some suet feeders for the birds. The starlings have been very busy at these feeders and even bring their children along to eat suet. Lately, the starlings have been emptying the suet feeders very quickly.

I enjoy watching all that goes on from my vantage point on the tin top table in the sunporch.

Lloyd and his beloved brother, M&M, were inseparable. When they joined CLAW in September 1999, they both became members of the Older Cats Society, the Victorian Cats Society and the Historical Society.

After M&M went to Rainbow Bridge, Lloyd was very sad and lonely. By continuing to participate in guild activities, he found an outlet for his creativity while making many new friends. Lloyd achieved the rank of Marquess of CLAW and received many honors and awards. He earned four degrees at the original CLAW University. He was the OCS Senior Spotlight kitty in July 2000. After CLAW reopened, Lloyd continued his studies. In May 2001, he was awarded an Honorable Degree from CLAW Seminary. He served as Co-Leader of the Older Cats Society and was instrumental in preserving the OCS Chain Story collection. He also enjoyed writing submissions for the stories, while motivating others to participate. Lloyd made significant contributions to each of the guilds in which he actively participated. He also led the TCMC Flower Society Guild and was an active member of TCMC Backyard Birding Guild.

Lloyd was a very friendly cat who enjoyed attending social events and mewing with his friends. He was modest about his achievements and he always made sure that others received credit for their contributions.

In April 2001, Lloyd shared his feelings about "New Beginnings" with his fellow OCS members:

I had to start a new beginning to my everyday life when my brofur M&M passed over the Rainbow Bridge. M&M and I were furry close brofurs. We were always taking our naps together and ate at the same time. we played and slept together for hours on end.

Since July 2000, I have had to learn to be an only cat. This was not too bad because I had the attention of Meowmie and Deowdie. They have spoiled me a lot more because I demanded more attention from them. Meowmie and Deowdie bought me a new litter box and new catnip toys and a nice kitty blankie that I have all to myself now. But, it was more fun to share with my brother so I began to share some of my kitty food with the stray cat who has lived in my neighborhood for a few years. Meowmie and I have become more aware of the plight of stray animals and have been sending donations to unfortunate kitties in shelters. So I still share.

On December 6, 2001, Lloyd was reunited with M&M at Rainbow Bridge. Afterwards, their family adopted three kitties from the Melrose Humane Society. As Honorable CLAW members, McGee, Shirley, and Sophie are following in Lloyd's and M&M's pawprints.


Photograph © The Carter Family

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Lloyd & M&M
~Lloyd and M&M enjoying their sunporch~

These are a few excerpts from a biography that M&M and his brother, Lloyd, wrote for the Older Cats Society Memory Book:

We are telling you our biography together because we are rarely apart from one another. We were adopted by our present Meowmie and Deowdie when we were six months old....We are half Himalayan (mother) and long haired common (sire). I, M&M have my mother's coloring, blue eyes and my father's double paws....But as far as sharing goes we two cats share everything together. We eat from a double dish....I, M&M eat on the right side unless Lloyd gets through eating first, then I eat what he has left. LOL. We love to eat. That is why our Meowmie calls us "Fat Cats."


We may be getting older but we still have plenty of energy. We still like to race around our home and scatter the rugs. We are not ready to cross over to the "Rainbow Bridge" yet. We are having too much fun on this side of the bridge. Besides, we have not yet fully participated in all of the CLAW activities. Our Meowmie was too busy with work, family and outside obligations to let us get our degree and join in all of the fun of CLAW. Some of that other stuff has lightened up for her and she will be sending us to the CLAW University. Then we will become smart Fat Cats.

Submitted by M&M and Lloyd, March 2000

M&M and Lloyd joined CLAW in September 1999. They were both active participants in the Victorian Cats Society. In June 2000, they were given the VCS Honor Award . As members of the Older Cats Society, they enjoyed participating in the monthly activities. M&M achieved the level of Goldenrod in the CLAW Flower Society; he was also a member of the CLAW Historical Society. He and his brother enjoyed attending classes together at CLAW University, where M&M earned four degrees.

M&M bravely journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge on July 15, 2000.

Photograph © The Carter Family

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New Beginnings

by Tootsie, Tolstoy and Minnie
April 13, 2001


1985 - 2001

Our new beginning was when we all came together to live with our Meowmie. I'm Tootsie, and I was the first to move in. My baby sisfur Plume and I had been living with two people from France. When they had to go back to France, we came to live with Meowmie. This was back in 1988! Plume got very sick and went to the Bridge, even though she was only one year old. So for a year it was just my Meowmie and me living together. I got a lot of attention from Meowmie, but I really missed having another kitty around. So in 1989 Meowmie brought home a 4-month old kitten--Tolstoy. We became friends right away, and I was very happy. But our family was still not complete. Another neighbor got sick and couldn't take care of his two kitties (Minnie and Olivia) anymore. So they came to live with us too. Now there were four of us kitties living with Meowmie. We think of that as our New Beginning when we all became a big happy family. We all lived happily together for many years until Olivia left us and went to the Bridge a few years ago. But Minnie and Tolstoy and I are still here, moving a bit slower than we did, but still together and that's what really matters.

Minnie and her brothers, Tootsie and Tolstoy, joined CLAW in the fall of 2000. Through her contributions and participation in events, she earned the rank of Damsel of CLAW. Minnie was a charter member of The Cats Meow Club. She was also a member of Ailurophilia and Cats in Company. She enjoyed experimenting with graphics in the Introduction to Paint Shop Pro classes at Ailurophilia. Minnie joined the Animal Rights Guild and Cats Online at TCMC in order to pursue her special interests.

Minnie was a true survivor who lived through an earthquake and waged a long battle with cancer. On June 9, 2001, at age sixteen, she joined her mother at Rainbow Bridge. Please visit Minnie's Memorial to read the inspiring story of her life.

~A Letter to Minnie~

Dear Minnie,

You have gone across the Rainbow Bridge, yet you remain here, in the hearts of all who loved you. We really wish that we had known miew. We have been told though, that miew were a furry special kitty, good to every kitty and human alike. We are glad to know that you are safe and not in pain anymore.

They say that time flies furry quickly for those on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, and it will feel like no time at all before you will be reunited with those you love so much and who love you so very dearly. Do not think of it as your having gone away, dear Minnie, just think of it as waiting for your loved ones to come home to you.

Purries and whisker kisses from across the Bridge,

Caroline and Baby Price

Photograph © Minnie's Family

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Older Kitties

by Missy Kitty
March 2001

Missy Kitty
I am a very proud member of the Older Cats Society. I was born July 6, 1990. Older kitties are every bit as loving and playful and cuddly as our younger siblings and friends. Sometimes we nap longer and more often, but we are still the same as we were when our humans brought us home as kittens, at least in our hearts and minds.

Missy Kitty was a thoughtful, loving cat. She joined CLAW on November 4, 2000, with the intention of becoming "a very active and honorable cat." Missy always strived to do her best. She was among the first CLAW Seminary graduates to earn an Honorable Degree. Although her activities were limited by her illness, she continued to set goals and plan for the future. Her siblings (Elvis, Sabrina, Angel and Bashful) are very proud of their sister and her achievements. She will always be an inspiration to them and to her friends.

Missy joined her sister Miss Jennie Kitty at Rainbow Bridge in August, 2001.

Missy Kitty's memorial candle

Photograph © Missy Kitty's Family

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Memories And My Life Today

by Papa Akhenaten Grey
June 13, 1998

Papa Akhenaten Grey

I'm proud to be a memfur of the Older Cat's Society. Having been around as long as we have, it's nice to lounge around and rememfur the old days. My favorite song is "Memory" -- it says a lot.

I've had a LONG and wonderful marriage to my darling Pupa Muma Ahmose Grey Milliken. She's much younger than I am. I just turned 15 and she is 8. My bootiful Pupa Muma has given me many wonderful children to enjoy and after our humans had us "fixed" we adopted more.

In Decemfur, 1997, I came to live with my human meowmie. Before that I lived with my human auntie (my human's sisfur). I miss my auntie's house -- that's where I grew up and it's the only home I've ever known. It's also where my darling Pupa Muma and all of my children are.

When my meowmie got married a few years ago, she thought it would be better to let me stay where I had always been instead of uprooting my life. So she moved away and took my daughter, Yoda Ears and adopted son, Pumpkin Pie. I'm glad she let me stay. It gave me a few more years to enjoy my darling Pupa Muma and my other children. I miss them so much. I was also able to enjoy my auntie's bootiful garden.

Life is much different now -- more quiet. I'm not allowed to go outside and since my meowmie lives in a two-story house, I have to climb A LOT of stairs. But at least I'm with my meowmie and my new daddy and Yoda Ears and Pumpkin Pie. Meowmie and daddy bought us a table-top fountain, so at least I can listen to the splash of running water, AND we're allowed to drink from the fountain. The water taste so much better! I also get to go fur rides in the car with daddy when he goes to pick up meowmie from work. I like riding on daddy's shoulder. My new favorite thing to do is sit on my meowmie's lap when she sits on the floor in front of the fireplace. She gets the fire nice and hot -- it feels good on these old bones of mine. A couple of times she has built a fire just fur me, so I can lay on the hearth and enjoy it.

I don't have a lot of years left in THIS life, but I have to say, it's been a great life and I love lounging around and rememfuring the old days ....

Photograph © Family of Papa Akhenaten Grey

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Special thanks to the members of the Older Cats Society and other friends for their contributions to this memorial. Photographs, essays, and poems on these memorial pages belong to the families and may only be used with their permission.

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