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Rainbow Candle
This candle is lit in remembrance of members of the Older Cats Society who have preceded us to the Rainbow Bridge.  Their names are linked to tributes which include some of their writings.  May their wisdom and courage continue to enlighten and inspire us.

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by Punkin Pi
March 4, 2001


Peachy was born in the Spring of 1982. She was no bigger than her human's hand when she found her. That changed quick! She was a playful, loving cat who loved to lay in the sun all day. She used to travel to Michigan with her humans and other kitties. Peachy always layed on humans and used to catch many mice. She had a great sense of humor, especially joking with her brothers and sisters. She was the last of the original cat family and was 19 years old when she left us. She died of nose cancer in January 2001 after a long life of happy mouse catching and sunbathing.

In Memory of Peachy

Peachy, a beloved member of the Pi family, joined CLAW in June 1999. Peachy was a brave, lovable kitty who enjoyed participating in CLAW activities and events. In addition to Older Cats Society, she was a member of the Relaxed Cats Society and Meows from Michigan, a CLAW Guild led by her sister Missy. Peachy, Damsel of CLAW, received her BCC degree from CLAW University in December 1999. She is now reunited with her family and friends at Rainbow Bridge.

Photograph © The Pi Family

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A Model of Responsibility

by Pergamond
Summer, 1999


I'm not good at running
Though I could in my youth
But now that I'm eleven
It's considered uncouth
I've been known to be lazy
It's often been proved:
When I'm all nice and cozy
I just cannot be moved
But there's one thing I'm good at
Of that I am certain
And that's taking good care
Of my very own purrson.

Pergamond posthumously received The Literature and Poetry Society's prestigious Phil Addison Memorial Award for her poem A Model of Responsibility." According to the Moderator, Noelani Misty (BabyCat) Milliken, this poem "received more votes than any other poem ever."

During the 1998 CLAW Book Fair, Pergamond wrote this short essay about her dreams:

Pergie's Bird Bath

I have beautiful dreams. I sometimes dream of my past escapades and adventures - the smell of fresh blood deep in my nostrils and the squeak of a terrified rat or mouse makes me shiver and quiver! I run fast and furious through the undergrowth, free limbed and with easy grace. I jump and pounce and chase crickets and butterflies. I catch enormous purple headed lizards and spill their guts on the ferny floor. I drink from deep clear streams and rest under shady cool trees. Birds twitter when I am near and sound the warning: Pergamond is here.

Then other times I dream of my hoomin and her gentle hand and the way she looks at me and her voice crooning in my ear: Pergamond, Pergamond and then I wake up and she is there! And other times I dream I am in a strange dark place that is warm and safe and subteraneal. And other times I dream I am before the Great Cat and everything is so light and airy. I am dreaming of the beginning and the end.

Pergamond was active in many CLAW guilds, including Cats in Space, FBI, Friends of the CLAW Theater, International Cat Society, Literature and Poetry Society, Mystery Society, Philosophers Stone, Purr Scouts, and the Trivia Society.

As a participant in the Purr Scout Adopt-a-GrandKitty program, Pergamond became a Grandmew. She was very proud of her GrandKitty, Squeaky Fromm.

Photographs © Pergamond's Family

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The Value of Older Cats

by Phil Addison
April 9, 1998

Phil Addison

My new little sister is discovering the value of having an older brother.

I have lived at this farm for 18 years. Five d*gs have come and gone - many barnyard animals too - and we also have seen the birth of 3 children in this home. So I have a wealth of experience to share. My Mewmie brough home a new little sister for me about a month ago. Jenny is about a year old, and had been found in an abandoned house in the city. She was already frightened and hungry when she came to our house, and our big dalmation decided to let her know he was boss (or so he thinks).

Her first day here she was quietly watching from a large cage, when this huge snarling beast throws himself at the cage and made her embarass herself. I had to take that d*g out and give him a talking to. I had trained this animal since he was a puppy and he KNOWS, that I rule this house and he had no business frightening this sweet young thing.

When Jenny was finally ready to come out of her cage, she was still so scared she hid under the couch for weeks. I have put her name forward to CLAW and she is now taking courses in training d*gs and how not to be a "fraidy cat". Had she come to me I could have taught her right away the correct way to handle d*gs. Now that the dalmation has a new nostril he respects her almost as much as he does me.

The moral of the story is for young cats to come forward to us older cats. We have much to teach you, and if you ask nicely we will gladly show you the correct way to a happier life.

Phil Addison was a member of CLAW's Literature and Poetry Society. He was honored as Poet of the Month for his poem Jenny. The prestigious Best Poet Award was also named after him.


by Phil Addison

She hides alone beneath the couch,
    and crouches low and small.

She hears the footsteps thundering
    down the stairs and down the hall.

She knows he's getting closer
    as he snorts and sniffs the air.

The d*g comes closer to the couch
    and knows she's hiding there.

She pulls her tail around her,
    a protective little cloak.

The d*g sniffs again and walks away,
    That dalmation is a JOKE!

Phil also made significant contributions to CLAW's Ethic for Cats Society. This is his answer to a question concerning the ethics of progress:

What humans call progress is not progress at all. On my farm there used to be lots of fields and forest. The road was quiet, I could tell exactly who was going down our road just by the sound the car made. Today it is very different. There are houses growing up all over. Big machines come and wake me up and shake the ground. Then people move in to these new houses with d*gs that annoy me. Cars race down my road and scare me, and so many more go by it is not safe anymore. I feel sorry for the city kitties, but maybe they have never had the freedoms I have had.

There is one good thing about progress though!! Computers!!!!!! Now I can talk to fellow kitties all over the world, and learn new things and teach young kitties many of the things that I have learned.

Additional material by Phil Addison was included in the book, Ethics for Cats - a Collection of Mews about Ethics, available in the CLAW Library, before it closed.

Photograph © The Addison Family

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As I Reflect Upon My Years

by King Putter Catnip
July 19, 1998

As I reflect upon my years, I remember as much as I can. I remember the good times, and the bad times. I try to imagine I was young again.

When I remember the first days of my life, it seems like so long ago, but yet, if it were in hoomin years, it would only be a little over a decade. The way I found my hoomin, I would neffur furget.

I was found at a church in the parking lot. I think I was in a trunk of a car, but can't quite remember. A hoomin rescued me and brought me home.

When my hoomin that helps me type was born, I was already 3 years old. As the years grew on, she became my best hoomin furriend. She petted me, and sometimes fed me. Ususally her grandmew fed me. And when my hoomin was born, I had found a stray kitten, and I adopted her. The hoomins named her Nermal. She was my best kitty furriend. We had so much fun togeffur, back when my years were few.

As the years passed, I became less frisky and playful. My furriend Nermal was always afraid of hoomins. But she too became tired out. Then, last month when she was 13, she died. She became furry sick. That made me wonder: why hafn't I gotten sick? I am older than her! But that brings us up to date. It is July now, as a matter of fact it is Priscilla's wedwink day! I only hope in the years to come I will haf a winkwink.

Putter's wishes came true when he met Emmy, former leader of Older Cats Society. Their friendship blossomed into love and they wedwinked in the fall of 1998.

Putter King Putter Catnip was born on Valentine's Day in 1982. One of the oldest cats of CLAW, he was also one of the most creative. He joined the Art Guild to explore his interest in painting. During their first art show, Putter's tent featured a variety of paintings. He received an award of merit for one of them, Two Kitty Lovers. Putter also enjoyed creating original graphics to share with his friends. One of his favorite activites was dressing up in costume.

Putter was a proud member of the Feline Bureau of Investigation. He was an active participant in the Older Cats Society and he was featured in the August 1999 Senior Spotlight. This story and more of Putter's writings are included in the OCS Memory Book. As a volunteer in the Adopt-a-GrandKitty program, Putter became a GrandPaw to three Purr Scouts: Blessed Reeve, Pickles Jr., and Simon. "I love them all," wrote Putter, "and they are good kittens." Blessed wrote this sweet tribute for her Grandpaw Putter:

Mew were so kind to me and mew cared for me so much that now I must say farewell to thee. Mewr emews to mew showed me much care and the recognition mew gave to me at the picnics was so grand. Now mew are gone to the rainbow bridge where I must wait to see mew one day. Mew made me so proud to be called mewr grandkit and I loved mew so much, although sometimes I failed to emew mew wif all the love I have for mew. I shall miss mew gandpaw putter and the joys mew gave to me. Until we meet on the rainbow bridge and we are able to share the rainbow garden togefer farewell to thee my most beloved grandfaver.

Putter, one of the oldest members of CLAW, was eighteen years old when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Photograph © Putter's Family

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Thoughts on Growing Older

by Queek
January 15, 1999


The best thing about growing older for me, is the extra care and consideration from my human, and the way she lets me get away with things that she used to try to keep me from doing, such as getting up on the kitchen table. She buys me those expensive little cans of food to tempt my appetite, and she buys cream to mix in my milk (I didn't used to be allowed to drink milk, as she didn't think it was good for me. However, I convinced her that a kitty my age is entitled to eat, drink, or do whatever they want ... so now I get milk with added cream, just because I am a senior kitty, and because I am hopelessly spoilt.

Queek was a member of Cats Online, Furship Guild, Philosophers Stone, and the Purring Paws Committee. Queek expressed her reasons for joining Purring Paws by writing, "I feel it is very important to do what I can to try to make things a little better for those who are suffering....Usually I send cards or a short email to say I am purring for them, hoping it may cheer them up. I don't always have time to do so, much as I wish I did. Still, whether I send a card or not, I try to purr for everyone on my list everyday. On Thursday evening I light a candle for every being who could use a little light in their lives. It is such a small light in itself, but I hope it reaches into a lot of dark areas."

As a member of the Older Cats Society activities, Queek volunteered for the OCS/Purr Scouts Adopt-a-GrandKitty Program. She was a loving Grandmew to her Grandkitty, Cringer. Through her active participation in CLAW activities, Queek achieved the title of Baroness of CLAW. She also earned a Bachelor of Health and Veterinary Science degree from CLAW University in 1998.

As Queek's friends know, she often put the needs of others before her own. Many of them paid tribute to her during a memorial service in CLAW's Rainbow Chapel. Miss Pinkerton ended her tribute to Queek with a poem she wrote for her:

I wrote these words today for you, they don't express my sadness and my sense of loss; I don't think any words could.

And if I find 'tis I who must
farewell thee for a while,
Then you, going, may be sure I will
think oft of thee and smile.

I'll see you still in things you loved...
Spring sun, soft morning dew.
Goodbye, dear Queek, my true loved friend
You take my heart with you.

Queek joined her lifelong companion, Wojo, at the Rainbow Bridge on May 23, 2000.

Photograph © Queek's Family

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Growing Old Has Its Advantages

by Sasha Brewer
July 2001

Sasha Brewer

It used to really bother me that I was growing older. As a kitten I liked to ride in cars and play fetch with peppermint candies. I was the terror of siblings and would jump on them any time I had the opportunity. I remember climbing Meowmie's lace curtains and the grass cloth wall paper on her walls. That was so long ago. When I reached 10, I consoled myself with the fact that I was mature and at 15 I had wisdom. Now at 19 I am just an old cat. Being an old cat doesn't mean that you have to just lay down and nap for ever. It means you can get away with anything!

Now if I want to tear up a piece of paper I don't get yelled at, Meowmie justs pats me and gives me a fresh sheet of paper. If I am laying on her book she doesn't rudely push me off; she just pets me and tells me how much she loves me. A few years ago when I started walking in circles, I was told I was nuts and senile. Now everyone thinks it's cool that I get so much exercise. I always get the first choice of tempting treats cut into small bites that I chew easy. When it is cold Meowmie always cuddles me to keep me warm. If I want fresh water, I get fresh water. And I don't just get fresh water, it is bottled from Hot Spring, Arkansas, and it comes from the water cooler. No more having to sneak drinks from that big water dish in the bathroom.

I may not hear everything anymore, I may not see as clear as I used to and I may be a bit more short tempered; but being an old cat sure has its advantages. Think about it kitties. Grow old and allow yourselves to be pampered in ways you never dreamed possible. I don't miss being a kitten at all!

Sasha Brewer was loved and respected by her family and her many friends. She set an outstanding example for her sisters and encouraged them to pursue their interests. She was always willing and eager to lend a helping paw to her friends. Sasha joined CLAW in 1997 and became an active participant who made many significant contributions. She was a member of the Fuzzy Kitty Society, Problems and Solutions Committee, and served as Webmistress for the Older Cats Society. She enjoyed participating in the Adopt a GrandKitty program and she was very proud of her GrandKitty, Tommy Boy. Sasha was an excellent student and she earned a Bachelor of Human Science degree at CLAW University. In August 2001, she received an Honorable Degree and a Master of Ethics at CLAW Seminary's graduation ceremony. Sasha received many CLAW awards and earned the title of Viscountess of CLAW.

Sasha was also an active member of The Cats Meow Club. She served on the Social Committee and enjoyed sending cards to other members. She continued her education at TCMC Cativersity where she earned several advanced degrees. Sasha was one of Hope's Pampered Princesses and a member of many other organizations on the Internet. She enjoyed attending virtual parties, playing games, hunting, solving puzzles, and participating in Secret Pal exchanges.

Sasha was interviewed by Caroline Price for the Winter/Spring 2001 CLAW Zine. In the interview, Sasha emphasized that "The most important things in life are being loved, loving back and being purred effury day." She was the OCS Senior Spotlight Kitty in March 2001 and her biography is in the Older Cats Society Memory Book.

On October 2, 2001, Sasha bid her family and friends farewell, as she bravely made the journey to Rainbow Bridge.

~Memorials to Sasha~

Truly, truly miss you, Sasha. Your catly attitude was an inspiration to us all. Someday we will meet at Rainbow Bridge, joined by Chata Gai, who took that journey last summer.


GK on porch

For my friend Sasha... My Secret Pal

Missing You

And God asked the feline spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul
And, as a cat, you know I am most able
To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? asked God.
Soon, replied the whiskered angel
But I must come slowly
For my human friends are troubled
For you see, they need me, quite certainly.

But don't they understand? asked God
That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is....forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand,
Replied the glorious cat
For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them
I just am....forever and ever and ever.

~Author Unknown~

I Miss You

Love Always, Lloyd

Please visit the Fuzzy Kitty Society Tribute to Sasha
by Tequila Sunrise and Friends

Photograph of Sasha © The Brewer Gang

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Special thanks to the members of the Older Cats Society and other friends for their contributions to this memorial. Photographs, essays, and poems on these memorial pages belong to the families and may only be used with their permission.

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