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Rainbow Candle
This candle is lit in remembrance of members of the Older Cats Society who have preceded us to the Rainbow Bridge.  Their names are linked to tributes which include some of their writings.  May their wisdom and courage continue to enlighten and inspire us.

Slofje Maessen | Steviekins | Taffy Botz | Tinker Fischer | Wallie | Wojo



Slofje Maessen


Slofje Maessen, of the Netherlands, was a loyal member of CLAW. She enjoyed participating in the activities of the Mystery Society and the Older Cats Society. She was very proud of her GrandKitty, Nikita Le Femme. Slofje also loved Science Fiction, solving puzzles, and writing stories. As a member of the Mystery Society, she wrote the ending to a "cliff-hanger" which was once featured on her web site, Slofje's HomePurr.

Tribute to Slofje Maessen
By Nikita Le Femme

She took me under her wings (and she was always an angel) when I was a very young kitten, and just learning to pad around in CLAW. Her wisdom and calm manner inspired me to study and learn all I could. Her stories of her youth, and her experiences in the circus, and tales about her homeland, were a source of much awe and marvel on my part. And, though I will miss her terribly, I know that she is again young and pain free, and playing happily at the Rainbow Bridge. When I look to the Heavens and see a new, bright, shining star, I know in my heart it is My GrandKitty looking down on me.

Photograph © Slofje's Family

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April 15, 1989 - April 23, 2001

Steviekins was a personable kitty who had many friends in the cat community. He joined CLAW in February, 1997, and quickly became an active particpant. Steviekins completed his BCC Degree in June, 1997, and eventually earned the title of Viscount of CLAW. He was a member of several committees including Social Works, Games, and the Social Committee. Steviekins was a member of Scardy Cat Anonymous Support Group and the Math Guild. Along with his good buddy Wiglaf, he co-chaired the ICQ Group.

Steviekins was a member of many clubs for cats on the Internet. In March, 1997, he became Founder and President of the Awesome Kitty Cats Club, which was a Sister Club of CLAW.

Purrs for Steviekins' family from Lloyd and His Meowmie:

I am so sorry that you lost Steviekins to the Rainbow Bridge. I purrsonally hope that he meets up with Scrappy and M&M.

Lloyd's card

Photograph © Steviekins' Family

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Taffy Botz

Taffy Botz

In May 1998, Taffy joined CLAW. She was a member of the Cats R Us team and enjoyed participating in CLAW intramural hunts. She was also a proud member of the Older Cats Society. In the biography she submitted for the OCS Memory Book, Taffy wrote:

Meow, my name is Taffy (I think I am listed in CLAW as Taffy Botz). I am not sure of my age but we think I am at least 14, maybe older. I started as a nice older lady's beloved pet. But when this lady passed away and her husband moved, he left me behind to fend for myself. I was already losing my sight but found a neighbor lady who fed a lot of unfortunate kitties so I stayed around there for a while. Then one day I decided to go exploring because all those cats made me nervous and went down the road a little ways and found another house. There was a nice lady there who started feeding me and I decided to stay. She claimed she didn't want a cat at first but kept feeding me and petting me and you can guess the rest of the story. I am now almost totally blind but I do quite well. I enjoy playing with a feather on a stick if it is held close enough for me to know it is there. I love my human and have been with her for 6 years now.

Taffy Botz was an inspiration to her family and friends. She did not let anything prevent her from pursuing her interests and achieving her goals. Taffy received her BCC Degree in August 2000 at the CLAW University graduation ceremony. She was also a member of several other Internet clubs for cats.

Taffy was approximately nineteen years old when she went to Rainbow Bridge on January 30, 2001. A memorial service for Taffy was held in CLAW Rainbow Chapel. Please visit A Tribute to Taffy, her family's beautiful memorial to an extraordinary kitty.

Photograph © Taffy Botz's Family

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Tinker Fischer

In Memory of Tinker

Tinker joined Older Cats Society shortly before she made her journey to Rainbow Bridge. Her family shared some of their memories of Tinker in this letter:

While we never really knew Tinker's real age, it had been estimated to be between 16 and 18 years. We had her with us for only about 5 years. She gave to us great joy and affection with her elegant personality. At least once a day she would allow us what we called "Tinker time", where she would spend some quiet time with us to help us through our busy schedules. She was an accomplished hunter and guardian of her domain, respected by every cat, dog and deer. She recently accepted an injured kitten to her household and was a great mentor. We are sorry to say that Tinker is no longer with us. She passed away early Sunday afternoon while at home, resting on her futon. We are thankful for such a wonderful gift, as Tinker.


Ed and Starr
July 31, 2001

We are thankful that Tinker's family shared these memories with her friends at Older Cats Society. Tinker was a cat with high standards and many admirable characteristics. Her loyalty and devotion to her family brought them much happiness. She earned the respect of her peers and she was a wonderful role model. We regret that she did not have an opportunity to participate in OCS activities and share her wisdom with us.

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Tomorrow is a Bright Future for Our Children

by Wallie Miranda Milliken
April 18, 1998

Wallie Miranda

Tomorrow. At thirteen, I am not even sure I will be here tomorrow. I am starting to slow down, and get long in the tooth. But the fact that I might not be here tomorrow should not stop me from making my today the best that it can be. I want to do things today that will make a difference tomorrow. I want to write stories which will be read in the next generation, and the next. I want to help pass laws which will make the lives of all animals better. I may not be personally remembered tomorrow, but the legacy I leave behind me will make all of our tomorrows brighter and happier. I will have left a part of myself in tomorrow.

Please read A Summer of Goodbye, a story written by
Wallie Miranda for Tigger and her family.

Photograph © The Kittens Milliken

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The Rainbow Bridge

by Wojo
April 30,1999


Queek's long-time companion, Wojo, went to the Rainbow Bridge in September, 1999. Earlier in the year he had been very ill. During a period of time when he was feeling better, he shared these poignant thoughts in the OCS Dreambook:

I very nearly went to the Rainbow Bridge, when I was very sick. I remember seeing a place where there were many many happy creatures, some playing, some lounging around on the grass, some grooming themselves. They were all very contented, healthy, and young. I recognized my old friend Honey, and my Furmomma was there to greet me. Just as I was about to join them, someone told me I had to go back, as my human still needs me here. However I remember it was a wonderful place of joy and peace and beauty. There are flowers and trees and contented purrs everywhere.

Photograph © Wojo's Family

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Special thanks to the members of the Older Cats Society and other friends for their contributions to this memorial. Photographs, essays, and poems on these memorial pages belong to the families and may only be used with their permission.

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