The Dessert Room Revisited

Lloyd, Old Bear & Toby
Lloyd, Old Bear, and Toby

Lloyd: Hello, my name is Lloyd. Shibui told me there's a VIP she wanted me to meet tonight.

Old Bear: Hi Lloyd ... I'm Old Bear, I wuz tellin' Shibui's GrandKitty Toby about my mewspaper colum.

Toby: Hi Lloyd! Old Bear is a Star-Telegram online columnist! Mew look familiar, didn't we meet at a CLAW party?

Lloyd: I think we met at the Purr Scout Anniversary Party.

Sunny & Dobbin clear clear

Dobbin: I was so worried about you. I'm glad we're together now.

Sunny: Me, too. May I have another candy heart, please?

Dobbin: Of course! I believe I'll have another one, too.

candy heart

Cleo Farley

Cleo: Who do you think will catch Shibui's bridal bouquet, Farley?

Farley: You're not dreaming of being the next bride, are you?

Cleo: And give up my independence? Surely you jest!

candy heart candy bird candy heart candy bird


While you wait for Shibui to toss her bridal bouquet, you can either go back to the Buffet, the previous reception room or eavesdrop on the newlywedwinks. Would a steaming cup of hot coffee help you make up your mind?
Coffee courtesy of Madame Troublinski Coffee courtesy of Madame Troublinski Coffee courtesy of Madame Troublinski

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Victorian Elegance

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