The Party Continues!

Ivan, Princess Polly's Chief of Staff, and Caterina, Shibui's CyberKitty,
enjoy a glass of catnip champagne.

Caterina, Shibui's cyber furriend wwchamp2 Ivan, Princess Polly's Chief of Staff

Caterina: Do mew want to dance with me now?

Ivan: Da

AlexPrincess Polly

Alex: Where have you been? I've been worried about you.

Polly: Believe it or not, I missed the plane.

Alex: You're here now ... that's all that matters.

~Shibui and Tucker join their guests~

Shibui & Tucker

Shibui: Where is Dobbin? She's supposed to be holding my bouquet for me?

Tucker: I don't know ... the Wicked Twins said that Sammye caught it.

Shibui: How could he have caught it, when I haven't even thrown it yet?

~Here comes Dobbin now ... maybe she can explain~


Dobbin: Oh, Shibui ... please don't be angry with me. I was pretending that you threw your bouquet, just to see if I could catch it. But it landed on the tray that Sammye was carrying. I don't know where he went.

Jason: I saw him a minute ago. He told me he put Shibui's bouquet in the hotel safe.

Tucker: That sounds like a safe place to me. We'll leave it there until we're ready to leave.

Jason: I know you're anxious to go, but first a toast:

Toast the Bride & Groom Cats

May Shibui and Tucker live together
in peace and harmony
throughout their golden years.

The wedwink guests raise their glasses and
drink a toast to the bride and groom:

wwchamp   wwchamp

Catnip champagne for adults cats and non-alcoholic for kittens!

Here are the wedwink cakes ...
vanilla for the bride ...

wedwink cake

and chocolate for the groom!

groomcat's cake

After the cake is served, the guests follow Shibui and Tucker
to the hotel lobby.

rose bar

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rose bar

~"Trepak" - Russian Dance from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite~
~arranged and sequenced by R. J. Stratton~

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