A large suite in the Catmore Hotel has been reserved for Shibui and Tucker's reception. Members of the wedwink party and some of their friends are the first to arrive.

Cleo is escorted the to reception by her dear friend Farley.

Cleo Fratt Farley

Farley: My dear, you look exquisite tonight.
Cleo Fratt: Why thank you, Farley ... you look quite handsome yourself!

Mull Bogey

Mull: Wow, Bogey! Here we are in the Big Apple!
Bogey: I thought we were in Mew York City!

Midnight Crowley Smokey Girl

Midnight: I thought the ceremony would never end.
Smokey: It was so beautiful ... I wanted it to last forever!

More guests are entering the room.

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Victorian Elegance

~Chopin Etude arranged and sequenced by Gerald Ross~

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