Shibui and Tucker's Honeymoon

Postcard #1

When Tucker's meowmie furwarded this postcard to us, she wrote:

I apologize profusely for the quality of this postcard which I just received. I think it was taken by a long distance lens, maybe by a peeping Tom! I don't know why else it would be so very blurry. I know Shibui didn't take this with her digital camera. Maybe it was one of those disposable cameras. I just thought you'd like to see that they are both well and Tucker is looking distinctly plump, so they are obviously eating well!

Mew can draw mewr own conclusions. We know that they didn't go to Catmondu, Hawaii or Mewami.

Unfurtunately, the postmark on the next picture we received was unreadable. We have no idea who braved the elements to take it. In fact, we aren't sure that is Tucker standing in the doorway. What do mew think???

Postcard #2

Appurrently Tucker was caught fishing fur trout without a license. I'll bet that Purry Mason can get him off the hook!

Postcard #3

Thanks mew for taking our Honeymoon Poll. The results indicate that not many friends guessed that Shibui and Tucker spent their honeymoon in the Catskill Mountains.

Wedwink Poll Results

Now, they are settling into their retreat in Catuary. It's no secret that that's where they'll spend their first annifursery.

Thank mew,

Bogey, Pollmaster

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