The Wedwink of
Shibui Crowley & Tucker B. Smith

Thank you for attending our Wedwink at the Triple C Ranch. All guests are invited to our reception in Mew York City which will continue indefinitely.

You may navigate from room to room by following text links at bottom of pages. But keep your eyes open for a few shortcuts within the rooms and in the garden. If you get catfused, please come back to the entrance and consult the index. Enjoy yourselves and pick up a memento to remember that you shared this happy event with us.

Shibui & Tucker
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1 - Shibui's Bedroom
2 - Processional
3 - Ceremony
4 - Veranda
5 - Catmore Hotel
6 - Reception Rooms 1-8
7 - Dessert Room 1

  8 - Reception Rooms 9-14
  9 - Garden
10 - Storm Cellar
11 - Buffet
12 - Dessert Room 2
13 - Catmore Hotel Suite
14 - Dessert Room 3

15 - Catmore Hotel Lobby
16 - The Bridal Bouquet
17 - Catmore Street
18 - Honeymoon Photos
19 - Mementos
20 - Gifts
21 - Credits

We returned from our honeymoon in the Catskills on Labor Day weekend. Now, we are spending many happy hours at our retreat in Catuary. We appreciate all our friends who took time to take Bogey's honeymoon poll. More photos of our honeymoon and Sandy's Ranch Tour will be added as soon as they are developed.

Our wedwink guest book is open for viewing. We hope you will enjoy reading our friends comments as much as we do!

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Victorian Elegance

Sarabande by J. S. Bach
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